Hold On to Our Love

  • By early 2015, Tom Chaplin's nonstop drug use was getting in the way of his relationship with wife Nat. After one bender when he thought he was going to die, the former Keane singer realized he needed to get help. "That first step is just so incredibly difficult, admitting that you have a big problem," he told The Sun. "I remember one day sitting around a table in my dining room with Nat and this guy from one of the local rehab centers. I just sat there and just started crying. I didn't have the energy or desire to get well."

    "The guy was very practical," Chaplin added. "He said to try an hour in my studio and see how it went. It was taking one step and a day at a time to see how it felt."

    "So that's when I started writing what became The Wave," he continued. "The first song was Hold On To Our Love, which is about me pleading with Nat and saying, 'Please we've been together a long time and been through so much, I know I have put you through the wringer, but let's just hold on to this thing that we know is special'. "The song kind of came out of that."


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