Rosetta Stoned
by Tool

Album: 10,000 Days (2006)
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  • The Rosetta Stone was set in Rosetta, Egypt. It was a stone that had hieroglyphics on it, and it was the first time anyone could truly understand what was written because it had Greek translation on it. Napoleon's troops were tearing down the wall and the stone came out of the wall, and it was actually a deed to the house. >>
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    Adrian - Arkadelphia, AR
  • "I think the first song we wrote was 'Rosetta Stoned,' and that wasn't easy to finish," Tool guitarist Adam Jones told Loudwire. "It involved a lot of trial and error and compromising with your bandmates in the process of exploring every path that needed to be taken. I kind of compare it to painting. I take my time and try different colors. Or I may go back and sand a little bit to try to get a little bit of translucency. And sometimes the other guys were on the same page with me and sometimes they weren't."
  • Jones told Guitar World magazine that he fashioned a "pipe-bomb microphone" for recording the song by housing a guitar pickup inside of a brass tube and capping both ends.

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  • Reid Icculus from Manchester EnglandI have taken DMT by vaporizing the smoke from crystal extraction & have had extraterrestrial contact..ill just leave it at that...
  • Zenith from FlThejester

    I’m from Danville IL. I have s--t the bed before. Actually a few times. I still say “Right On”. Haven’t used “s--t the bed” on the reg for a while. Will have to include that in my common sayings again.

    Thanks for some good memories
  • E from Athens, GaSo...I may not be the wordsmith that MJK is, but here goes nothin'. I'm not speaking for him of course. This is merely my own interpretation.

    People who use DMT often have the same experience. A 'great' being shows them how the world works. They can never remember what was actually shown entirely. Just images. This is actually a very egocentric, narcissistic thought. The notion that YOU ( a high school dropout would be chosen by the architects of the universe to know their secrets). Some trippers write the memory fragments down. They are always reverential when telling of their experiences.

    Imagine it's the year 1200 and you tell someone about your trip. And this great being that talked to you. This would have probably gotten you either burned at the stake or held in high regard. People would want to hear more tales from you. The chosen one.

    Now, let's compare that to the so-called prophets of religion. For instance Elijah Muhammad, who claims to have been 'chosen' by Allah to know his secrets. The origin of most religions share this same claim. A man is enlightened (spoken to) by a higher power. The man writes down or orates the small details he remembers and fills in the blanks. The story is shared and gains credence. Growing. Gaining power. Eventually giving birth to a religion.

    Are these apostles just men who did drugs, tripped and came away thinking the are chosen? Or is this a shared delusion for all mankind, that DMT just sheds light on?

    The Rosetta Stone was basically a key to a code. A means to translate. Is DMT our key to understanding the universe. Is it our key to understanding alien life? Does it hold the ultimate truth; the meaning of life. Or is it all just in our heads. Projections from our subconscious. Just a drug.

    I come away thinking that in the end an omniscient being will explain everything to me. Maybe this overseer is an alien with almond Maybe not.
  • Thejester227 from Seattle I was just turned on to this song tonight by an acquaintance who is a bit... eccentric, to say the least. He processes the song a bit differently than I did, but I'm oh so glad he showed it to me!
    I loved the music, but needed to see the lyrics to get the full picture of how they were approaching the few potentially highly-charged topics that make up the foundation of the piece. Once I was able to read them as plain text, I lol'd and understood what had been done. A few folks on the first page of comments clearly get it too. This song is a vey clever comedy piece/parody that has a bit of fun with the hallucinogenic drug using crowd and the alien conspiracy (horrible word, I know, but it fits for my views, as you'll soon see) crowd. While I personally would not have made this song, as I do believe there are certain inherent dangers of spiritual significance in both downplaying yet sensationalizing DMT experiences and doing the same thing with the alien issue ( I'm not a big believer in intergalactic E.T.s, but I do believe there is an agenda (conspiracy! Lol) to manipulate us through "disclosure" once sufficiently desensitized), I'm left chuckling to myself at the raw hilarity of the actual message.
    The lyrics to this song are really quite brilliant. When I read them as text, I was struck by a few things right away. The first, was the way the trip and the "being/entity" he encountered were described. Fantastic imagery! Much like I find in well-written novels. I felt I had almost exactly the picture in my mind's eye that he wanted me to have. As I cackled softly to myself, I also had the fleeting thought that if Eminem were to write a funny metal song, it might be a lot like this.
    The second thing struck me immediately after the first. That was the hilarity of said description and the subsequent surety that this was going to be an epic parody of the most common experiences associated with the two cultures this song mainly deals with.
    The third was how time-period Michigan (or Midwest, or not west coast, Idk how many areas use this coming example) the vernacular was, which just cracked me up even more! You see, I'm close-ish to Maynard's age and from roughly the same area of Mid-Michigan where he spent many of his formative years, but I've spent the last decade out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. In Michigan, when we made an epic blunder that wouldn't go unnoticed, the most common colloquialism we'd use to address it, was to say we "s--t the bed". We messed up bad. Real bad. Then someone would say "Right on, that sucks dude" and it'd be on to the next shenanigan. This song made me realize that I haven't heard that saying one single time in 9 years from anyone other than myself out here (same goes for "Right on"), and that's a damned shame, because it's hilarious and Lord knows, the PNW could use some more hilarity, just my two cents.

    I'd love to hear from anyone who grew up saying "s--t the bed" when they "screwed the pooch" and where they're from. I know it can't be just Michigan, but Maynard and I both grew up there, so this song had a hysterical, homey feeling for me. Definitely one of the funniest songs I've heard in a while. I hope many others come to enjoy it the way I have. It really is brilliantly done.
  • Evan from Minnesota OK Tool is all about reading between the lines so think about this!

    In the VERY beginning of rosetta stoned (the 14 min verson) a nurse is talking to a doctor about how a man came in and is not saying what has happened to him right? And Rosetta stoned is talking about how a man gets how abducted by aliens well my theory is that their not talking about this but about how a woman comes into a police station but wont explain what has happened to her but eventually does (when the song actually starts) so a woman was at a event (area 51 being where the event is) and a man (the alien) approaches her (she was the chosen one) and he looked right through her (meaning he liked her) and they later leave with one another but she gets drugged (thats why she cant remember anything) and when she woke up she didnt know where she was and she is straped down to a bed cold and drugged (“straped down to my bed feet cold and eyes red im out my head”) and she doesn’t know if what is happening is real (“am i alive am i dead?”) and later when maynard starts sing hey really soft and innocent this might imply that the woman went with this man (again the alien) because she trusted him and whem adam jones first goes into the solo when he srapes his guitar strings with his pick and sounds like a scream is her screaming and the solo is her screaming for help then the next verse is mjk repeating him says she has been drugged and stuff and when he screams Thats her frustration that she can remember what happened and when he screams BOB HELP ME! Is her screaming for her friend to help her! again this is just a theory
  • Eccentricsage from TnWow, I love all the druggies in this comment section who don't get that the song is having a laugh at their 'culture', and the guys who are swearing this song actually means something. Wake up sheeple! MJK is the chosen one! Can you not interpret his learics and receive his message?! uwu
  • Eccentricsage from TnI knew an occultist online who did this to himself. Nice guy but kind of an idiot who thought hallucinogenics were a short cut to enlightenment. Did too much DMT in particular which causes disassociation. Normally it wears off with the drug, but heavy abuse can literally drive you schizo.

    Anyhow, the lyrics are pretty straight forward aren't they? Lots of references to pick apart for fun, but the meaning is just a humorous anecdote about your average stoner drop out with delusions of grandeur. There's a lot of these people kicking around in real life and I always kind of assumed everyone knew at least one at some point in their lives first hand.
  • Jody from VaSaw a post that said somniferous is not a word, it is a word.
    "Whether it's a drug or a boring lecture, something somniferous makes you sleepy.

    Like soporific, somniferous is a word used to describe something that puts you to sleep. Some people who have trouble snoozing take pills that are somniferous: sleeping pills. Others do somniferous things, like reading before bed or counting sheep. A bad public speaker can be really somniferous, and so can a boring movie. Anything somniferous makes you want to catch some Z's.
    Definitions of
    adj sleep inducing"
  • Andrew from Denver, CoLyrically, the song deals with a man's encounter with aliens, spiritual realizations and his state of coma after the incident.
  • Will from Pensacola , FlI think this song is clearly about a hallucinatory experience. The intro to this song is Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman), a reference to Dr Albert Hoffman who first synthesized LSD. As the intro progresses we hear a doctor being asked to help with patient who won't speak. The doctor enter the exam room and introduces himself as Dr Watson, then proceeds to calm and comfort the patient "Your in a safe place. We want you help in whatever way we can, but i can't help you if you don't speak. Now what's happened? Tell me everything..." Fade into Rosetta STONED (just thought i would point that out).

    All righty then. Picture this if you will.
    10 to 2 AM, X, Yogi DMT (a potent hallucinogen), and a box of Krispy Kremes,
    in my need-to-know pose just outside Area 51
    Contemplating the whole chosen people thingy (he's already thinking about chosen people when the drugs kick in)
    never really expect to see in a place like this
    Cutting right angle doughnuts on a dime and stopping right at my Birkenstocks
    and me yelping... HOLY F**KING s--t

    Then the X-Files being, looking
    like some kinda blue-green Jackie Chan
    With Isabella Rossellini lips and breath that reeked of vanilla chig champa
    Did a slow-mo Matrix decent outta the butt end of the banana vessel
    and hovered above my bug-eyes,
    My gaping jaw,
    And my sweaty L. Ron Hubbard upper lip,
    And all I could think was,
    I hope Uncle Martin here doesn't notice
    That I pissed my f**king pants.

    So light in his way
    Like an apparition,
    He had me crying out,
    F**k me!
    It's gotta be
    the Deadhead chemistry!(hallucinogen reference)
    The blotter got right on top of me (hallucinogen reference)
    Got me seeing E motherf**king T!
    And after calming me down with some orange slices (as someone who has used hallucinogens, Vitamin C is supposed to intensify the visual experience) and some fetal spooning
    E.T. revealed to me his singular purpose,
    He said you are the chosen one. (Back to what he was thinking about earlier)
    The one who will deliver the message.
    A message of hope for those who choose to hear it
    And a warning for those who do not.
    Me, the chosen one
    They chose me
    And I didn't graduate from f**king high school! (interesting how the super beings choose a comparative imbecile to represent them)

    You had better listen

    Then he looked right through me
    With somniferous (THIS IS NOT A WORD) almond eyes
    Don't even know what that means (that why he doesn't know what it means)
    Must remember to write it down,
    This is so real
    Like the time Dave floated away (Dave is a memory of another trip for those wondering)
    See my heart is pounding
    'Cause this s**t never happens to me!

    Can't breathe right now

    It was so real
    Like I woke up in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland is about a hallucinogenic trip as well friends)
    Also a bit terrifying (Word, MJK, Word...)
    I don't wanna be all alone
    When I tell this story
    And can anyone tell me why
    ya'll sound like Peanuts parents (a reference to the Peanuts cartoon, Charlie Brown parents as well as the other adults in the cartoon speak in wah-wah-wah voices and can't be understood)
    Will I ever be coming down? (god i've wondered that before...)
    This is so real
    Finally it's my lucky day
    See my heart is racing
    'Cause this s**t never happens to me

    I can't breathe right now

    You believe me don't you
    Please believe what I just said (wanting to express that he's not making up this experience, he really had this happen in his mind)
    See the dead ain't tourin' (a reference to The Greatful Dead whose fans are known for experimenting with mind altering drugs...)
    And this wasn't all in my head.
    See they took me by the hand
    And invited me right in
    Then they showed me something
    I don't even know where to begin

    Strapped down to my bed
    Feet cold and eyes red
    I'm out of my head
    Am I alive am I dead
    Can't remember what they said
    God damn s**t the bed
    High eye (repeated)

    I believe you (repeated, heard faintly in background) (I believe this is the Doctor from the previous track)
    ***At this point the song descends into chaos (something that usually happens at some point when you trip. Out of the chaos you tend to move forward and will find a beautiful harmony around you as you calm down. Personally I feel my most creative in this particular moment). Eventually the song begins to come together musically and build into a crescendo, which i feel is one of the most beautiful pieces of music written (the peaking of your creativity and a feeling of oneness with the universe).***

    Overwhelmed as one would be
    Placed in my position
    Such a heavy burden now to be the one
    Born to bear and bring to all
    The details of our ending
    To write it down for all the world to see.
    But I forgot my pen
    S**t the bed again
    Typical. (typical because he's an imbecile who never graduated high school and used to making these types of mistakes?)

    Strapped down to my bed
    Feet cold and eyes red
    I'm out of my head
    Am I alive am I dead?
    Sunkist and sudafed
    Gyroscopes and infrared
    Won't help the brain-dead
    Can't remember what they said
    God damn s**t the bed
    IIIIIII can't remember what they said to me
    Can't remember what they said
    to make me out to be a hero
    Can't remember what he said

    Bob help me!
    Can't remember what he said

    Don't know, won't know (repeated)
    God damn s**t the bed! (The most ironic thing about the story is that for all the details he remembered, the most important detail, the detail of our ending, is the one thing he can't remember. The song is a joke of sorts, meant to inspire your imagination. And as you can see, it inspired us all. )
  • Kyle from Sand Lakes Provincial Park, MbThis is why it took 5 years to release 10,000 days. Maynard and the band had to write every single lyric to this song and they did a pretty good job enough you can't tell what he's saying at all.
  • Rj from Seattle, WaHas anyone ever woke up in the hospital with no recollection of how they got there? Wearing a "John Doe" bracelet because your wallet was home. Your cell phone and keys are lost, well where ever you went. The intro into this song is "Lost Keys" - have you ever actually LISTENED TO IT?
    Some of you truly haven't the slightest idea as to what you are talking about. It is purely about an acid trip gone terribly wrong and the repercussions of that thereafter. The feelings inside this young man and how he interprets the world after the acid trip is gone and he's trying to figure out what the hell happened during that lapse of time.
  • Dom from Denver, CoSeriously people?This song is how you interpret it!L.Ron hubbard...ok,Dmt trip to a guy who couldnt handle his s--t...ok!Jesus..really?,All you folks can just go back to sleep!But dont look at me for answers,just understand that you dont understand where the lyrics and the person was coming from!Maynard for you dumbasses
  • Matt from Richmond, VaThis isn't about a child, in lost keys, they mention a "gentleman". This is about a now insane man in a hospitable. The very suggestion of "lost keys" is pointing that he has gone off the deep end, for lost marbles is a quite similar saying. As the song continues it is laden with irony, Maynard is commenting on how idiotic druggies were and how they can have delusions of grandeur, "They chose me, and I didn't even graduate f--king high school". This idea of him being a chosen one is shot down later when maynard is describing the scene of him being strapped down to a bed trying to describe to everyone. We know this is just a trip too, because of when the person likens the situation to another trip when he says, "This is so real Like the time Dave floated away". It's simply about a drug trip that destroyed someone mentally. If you think it's more or less you are an idiot. Just saying.
  • Connor from Sacramento, CaThe songs length is actually approximately 11:11 and factually he was all alone. The lyrics "'I hope Uncle Martin here doesn't notice
    that I pissed my f--kin' pants.'" is actually a reference to the show "My Favorite Martian". 'Uncle Martin O'Hara' being the character he referenced.
  • Graham from Sorrento, FlNot saying tht it is definitively saying anything, but this songs length is approximately 11:06, which is equal to 666 seconds.
  • Mikal from Portland Oregon, OrThis is what the song is about; factually, in literal terms. I dont care about metaphorical or non literal terms.
    From 10pm to 2 am:

    Some kid goes with his uncle to their post near Area 51. Him and his uncle ingest 3 drugs. MDMA, LSD and Yogi DMT(a liquid form of DMT that originates from the aboriginal tribes of the south american rainforest, whos knowledge pre-dates the written word[history]).

    As they wait the drugs take effect.

    The next part of the story is either caused by hallucinations which were caused by the drugs, or, were real events... either way heres how it goes:

    At around 2 am a so called "bannana" shaped UFO comes streaking brightly across the sky. Moving super fast and turning at unthinkable angles with extreme precision this ufo lands right next to the kid. He wets his pants and is terrified. the kid himself doesent know if hes hallucinating or if the events are actually in reality, happening.

    ET comes floats towards him and grabs his hand and leads him into the UFO. By this time the kid is probably insanely terrified at this whole experience.

    Then ET finally calms the poor earthling by gently spooning him in the fetal position and also giving him orange slices.

    After the kid is more calm, et tells him that he is the chosen one to deliver an unknown message of hope, and a warning.

    Eventually the kid winds up in some sort of hospital where he explodes his story onto a doctor. The kid is permanently psychologically scarred by these events and cannot explain his experience in any sort of way that does not make him appear as a psychopath.

    Hes now locked up in a mental hospital being pumped with drugs, and strapped down to his s--t covered bed.
  • Andrew from Little Rock, Arits actually about a drug called dimethyltryptamine that makes u think u are talking to beings of a different dimension he says DMT somewhere in the wierd mumbling noises and the "aliens" suposedly tell u the secret to life wich is where he gets the "i forgot my pen" part of the song
  • Korey from Austin, Txon the album 10,000 days right before roseta stoned is "lost keys (blame hoffman)Dr. Albert Hofmann was the guy who made acid practicly he did studys on it to if u listen in lost keys it goes from dr hoffmans voice "i want to help u tell me everything" and then rosetta stoned starts and then the song starts off like hes telling the story
  • Seth from Sydney, Australiathis song is based on a friend of the bands experience on the fringe of Area 51. LSD may have been a factor but is about aliens coming and giving him a message that he forgets. 'a message of hope for those who choose to listen and a warning for those who don't.'
  • Jason from Los Angeles, CaI think it could be about Scientology...? Putting down LRH maybe?
  • Adam from Lawrence Kansas, KsAll I know is "s--t the bed again typical strap down my bed feet cold eyes read can't remember what they said god damn s--t the bed" refers to s--t the bed meaning u f--ked up u screwed up the rest is how u fuched up because of something someone did in the past u are overwelmed that u just screw up obli reason is cuz I myspaced Adam jones and he told me
  • Kyle from Baltimore, MdThis song is obviously about LSD. "It's gotta be
    the Deadhead Chemistry" That's a direct reference to The Grateful Dead. The Dead and their fans, the Deadheads, took acid among other drugs at their shows. "See the Dead ain't touring" they haven't performed many shows under "The Grateful Dead" since Jerry Garcia died.
  • 8 Bit Orgy from Inverness, FlIf you think this song is about a "bad trip", then you're obviously out of the loop and don't know how to read lyrics. At one point the singer even pleads with the audience to believe him, because these things are real.

    But keep smoking...
  • Nik from Nf, NyIt's about a bad trip maynard had and he tells the doctor what happened. the lyrics tell the story.
  • Mikol from Vineland, NjOk

    This song is about alien abduction misperceived as as "sleep paralysis. watch the peter jennings report "seeing is believing"

    That just my opinion of course..
  • James from San Clemente, CaThe drug idea is good, especially whoever made the link to Dr. Hoffmann

    Among other thins I thought the song also had to do with a mindset of "You believe me don't you?" guy. The guy himself is a total looser "this sort of thing never happens to me", it even puts him into almost shock "i can't breathe right now!"

    he never even graduated highschool, he didn't even write down the message.

    It's interesting to me because the very experiance seems above the guy himself; "i don't even know what that means", so there's the possability that even if drugs were involved, it was still real. The irony that a superior race picked a nothing reject means that "we don't know, we won't know"

    why no one has commented on the simple lyrics at the end of the song perplexes me a bit :

    Because Maynard made a blatent reference to drugs in the previous song, you can assume that he intends for this song to be deeper then drugs.

    That's what it says to me. To me the song is all a bunch of irony; the guy wants to expand his mind to get a profound experiance, but actually gets abducted. He's so blown away by what happens, and that it happend to HIM (...and I never even graduated f--k'n high school), he forgets the profound message.

    And now we don't know, won't know
  • Chris from Ontario, Canadathis song is about getting mashed on coffee and sugar until you overdose and have a near death experience and then when you wake up in the hospital your too embarrassed to say you overdosed on coffee and sugar so you make up a lie...
  • Austin from Charlotte, Ncit is about a trip induced by a psycadelic. the previous song is lost keys[to the doors of perception](blame hoffman)[Dr. Albert Hoffman the man who first synthesized LSD]
  • Victoria from Memphis, TnGreat song:) The best on the 10,000 days album:) I thought it was about an alien abduction.
  • N.s from Sal, Kuwaitalright check this. Because blame HOffman was a open reference to what Maynard was implyin.. those with workin brain power figured it out.. (respect to those above).. has anyone here not tried LCD? i havent.. but this may sound weird, the closest experience one can possibly have if not for LCD itself is .. White Out .. you heard me.. it has chemical reactions that let you go to place that is buried in your subconcious mind and actual detailed conversations, pattern formations and people come to mind.. it is vague but vivid.. allows you to experience and see wierd unfoldings even while you are sittin still.. its effect is 30 mins to an hr .. thoulene is the number one factor that pushes its effect on the subject..
    if anyone's read in detail what LCD does.. it would explain clearly Maynard's concept of spiraling out.. to keep goin inside yourself to discover a place beyond your mind's capacity.. and that is only possible when the mind is provoked by an outside sourse.. combine that with tool and there u have it.. two powerful "tools" in your hand..
    In reference:
    "Some psychological effects may include an experience of radiant colors, objects and surfaces appearing to ripple or "breathe," colored patterns behind the eyes, a sense of time distorting (time seems to be stretching, repeating itself, changing speed or stopping), crawling geometric patterns overlaying walls and other objects, morphing objects, a sense that one's thoughts are spiraling into themselves, loss of a sense of identity or the ego (known as "ego death"), and powerful, and sometimes brutal, psycho-physical reactions interpreted by some users as reliving their own birth.Many users experience a dissolution between themselves and the "outside world".This unitive quality may play a role in the spiritual and religious aspects of LSD. The drug sometimes leads to disintegration or restructuring of the user's historical personality and creates a mental state that some users report allows them to have more choice regarding the nature of their own personality."

    gives you somethin to ponder about.. discoverin tool the sober way wont work.. i bet on anythin that anyone who's discovered tool and experiences the message of tool had to be in the same mindset as Maynard.. a trip to the dark side and beyond..
  • Jack from Strabane, IrelandThat lad ollie has more or less got it. Its a DMT or LSD trip gone wrong and the man thinks hes been abducted by aliens who are telling him that he must deliver a message but cant beacause he cant write it down as he "forgot his pen". He is explaining it all to the doctor but the doctor is simply claiming him braindead.
  • Ollie from Halifax, United Kingdom"simply lsd trip, nothing more. it shows how drugs make people blind."

    How can anyone who listens to Tool think that?

    This song isn't truly about LSD, even though there an many mentions of it in the song.

    This song is about a man who takes DMT (dimethyltryptamine) near Area 51, (a place where JMK and other members of Tool have been numerous times in hope of seeing UFOs or aliens). He has such a mind blowing trip that he thinks aliens have chosen him as a profit and imparted a message to him, but alas, he forgets the message ("But I forgot my pen") and is so distraught he ends up in hospital raving like a lunatic. This is typical of DMT trips, DMT is the chemical responsible for human dreaming and as with dreams trips are notoriously hard to recall.

    "Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)" is obviously part of this song. Albert Hofmann while being the man who first synthesised LSD was also responsible for making DMT popular in the psychiatric and medical community as a chemical that could be used to treat schizophrenia and other psychological disorders.

    There is no anti-drug message in this song, if you're interested in learning why then research the works of "Terrence Mckenna" and "Alexander Shulgin".
  • Andrew from Evansville, InThis song is definitely about a man who is tripping LSD and is telling the doctors about the hallucination that he thinks was real. In Lost Keys, you hear the doctors talking about how no one knows what is going on, because i think this was from the perspective when they knew nothing about the drug. Hoffman is the man who discovered LSD i believe, hints the "Blame Hoffman" part of the song title. On the other hand, the Rosetta Stoned title, to me, is the bridge between what this guy is try to say, and having the doctors trying to translate what is actually going on. The patient is kind of a Rosetta Stone in finding out what exactly LSD is. That is how i see it. And he is stoned...
  • Michal from Bydgoszcz, Polandin may have in my opinion 3 meanings
    1) simply lsd trip, nothing more. it shows how drugs make people blind.
    2) about all folks who thinks that they are "chosen one".
    3) how people escape from cruel world into other one, which is imagination of themselves. In real world he seems to be treated like s--t. Throught the story he is happy that, he was given some important information. "Me? The chosen one,
    They chose me. And I didn't graduate from f--king high school."
  • Tresdave from N Town, Mato jonathan in toronto-theres no Dave, its like the time that he floated away
    also, yeah i think its about some ind of trip, wether its LSD or DMT whatever, but I think theres another meaning to. I could be absolutely wrong though its just a thought
    I think he may be refering to how some fans almost worship him and think he is some kind prophet thats supposed to deliver a message to everyone and maybe hes just kind of poking fun at this idea
  • Austin from Smallsville, NeIt is about an alien abduction. I think it is from the view point of a hillbilly who sees a ufo. And these aliens probed him. Also this can be about scientology. Mentionig stories and aliens telling him he is the chosen one. There is even this line "and my sweaty L. Ron Hubbard upper lip," which is a refference to the founder of scientology
  • Jack from London, EnglandThis song is about a DMT trip which normally includes extreme hallucinogenic experiences, with a varying heart rate(the difference in pace at the end from the beginning) also the song lost keys before it suggests he is in a hospital. The sh*t the bed is another way of saying i have failed for forgetting what the alien said. and the typical is like he always messes up like that, such as not graduating. The title 'Rosetta Stoned' is like a bridge between 2 worlds like the Rosetta Stone but stoned as in drugged up n trippin
  • Jonson from Salt Lake City, Ut Lysergic acid diethylamide. Blame Hoffman,Albert
    Founder of LSD. Sometimes the affects of LSD can
    become less than favorable when it reaches it's
    peak and cause intensified anxiety, fear and
    panic. The inner monologue you would experience
    during this time would be similar to the
    seemingly nonsensical rambling you hear from
    Maynard throughout the song. These things would
    include anything from a revelation you had, to
    a piece of food you ate. The resulting
    intensity of such a trip can cause one to think
    that there might be something wrong with them
    requiring a hospital visit. Witnessing a person
    in this state might also convince other people
    that they might need hospital attention.
    They might even walk to the hospital if it's
    close enough. Might not even remember how they
    got there. As far as alien references, in that
    kind of hallucinatory state, a hospital ER could
    certainly resemble a UFO abduction scenario
    you've seen in movies like Fire in the Sky.
    Issues with short-term memory can also be a
    side-effect. The best way to grasp the
    experience this song explains is with the use
    of dead head chemistry. For visual reference,
    see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  • Maggie from New Orleans, LaPersonally, I think the media theory is a bit of an over analysis. It's insightful and plausible; however, I simply disagree. I think that the references to pop culture are to be taken at face value. If there is no direct reference to drugs in this song, then why is the song's title "Rosetta Stoned" as opposed to "Rosetta Stone"? Maynard uses the term "stoned" as a very obvious play on words that denotes a state of mind caused That's not obvious. lol. ;P
    I just feel that the entire theme is about his personal experiences while being stoned and part of what has been the culprit of his need to enlighten us as his audience. I think it ties in nicely to the media and religious themes. :) I could be wrong with my interpretation. Everyone has a different perspective. That's the beauty of Maynard's works. Existentialist, unconventional genius! I love him!
  • Clay from Mansfield, TxThe drug hypothesis is a reasonable conclusion. This would definately go along with past themes like 3rd Eye where hallucinogens open the mind to different realities, thus being a "Rosetta Stone". However, in my opinion, there is no direct reference to drugs. There is a direct and obvious naming of popular commercial media throughout the song though, which I supplied at the bottom of my comment. I think the idea of the song is similar to that of opiate, but replace religion with the media. L. Ron Hubbard is mentioned, who is the founder of dianetics. Dianetics is basically the study of mental health in relation to "mental image pictures" that we retain from past experiences. He also claims that an "abberation" is a defect of focus, or deviations from strait thinking due to such images. These, in turn, produce adverse emmotional and physical effects. So, the media, is a mind altering, hallucinogenic "drug". As with the crazy bed sh*tting and forgetting his pen, he is over emphasizing the reality of the psychosis and his innability to change it......

    and a blotter is a daily written record of
    (Krispy Kremes, Area 51, Birkenstocks, X-Files, Jackie Chan, Isabella Rossellini, Chig Champa, Matrix, Uncle Martin, E-motherf**kin'-T, Wonderland, Peanuts parents, Grateful Dead, Sunkist, Sudafed
  • David from Gorey, United Stateshe definately mentions lsd.."must be the deadhead chemistry,that blotter got right on top of me,got me seein e muthaf**kin t" blotter refers to the blotter paper form of lsd
  • Jarren from Dayton, OhI think Rosetta Stoned is a commentary on the ?word of mouth?(oral history) versus a written history (pertaining to the Bible). The Rosetta Stone gave us direct insight to into the linguistic barrier from Greek to two separate forms of Egyptian hieroglyphs. This stone gave us a direct and provable translation between the two cultures. Much of the Bible is based on oral tradition, not an exact documented history of events, just stories and folklore passed through thousands of years. There is no way of proving any of these stories (especially the old testament) actually happened. There is a rationale behind the Rosetta Stone. In the lyrics to the song, a patient is describing his symptoms, and telling this long, confusing, account of the world coming to the end, but has no way of writing down these accounts(forgot his pen), so you merely have to go off of his words. This type of method engineered the Bible, written accounts of stories passed through different sources through a long history of violence and turmoil. Yes, I realize that many of the things in the Bible are historically real ( like battles, empires, ect.), but I?m talking more like the book of Revelations type of deal, where it talks about the end of world in a very grandiose, fire and brimstone type of way. This is how the account in the song is like, very descriptive, full of imagery, and unbelievable events leading to the end. And the speaker in the song talks about being made out to be a hero, which may have been the motivation behind much of the bible?s writings. Another interesting point I?d like to make is that the author of Revelations is widely accepted to be John the Apostle. He enjoyed writing in a very apocalyptic fashion, and one of the theories was that he wrote the book while high on drugs (something to the extent of peyote). This could show that the whole book was merely a drug trip, written by a God-crazed lunatic. It dismissed any credibility from the man and the Bible itself. These two comparisons line up very closely. There?s more I could say, but I?ll spare everyone.
  • Bryan from East Hampton, NyThis Song Is About Tripping On Extacy And DMT and while tripping is abducted by aliens or E.T. and is told that you are the chosen one to deleiver the message, the details of how the world is going to end, but he/she forget a pen to write everything down, so they forget what they had told them so its still a mystery.
  • Thoughtlessmind from Denver, CoHe could be talking about Jesus and Christianity. But saying why dont u beleive me like you beleived him. Only he knows what they mean.
  • John from Annapolis, Mdok you people need to sit down and really listen this song is about mixing ecstacy diphenhydramine ( sudafed) and DMT it's a trip the entire song is summed up in the line " But I forgot my pen" alot of trippers write things down for spiritual thoughts so this song is about when he was tripping aliens came down and told him you are the chosen one you must deliver a message but he could not deliver a message because he can't write it down ( no pen) so metaphorically he " sh*t the bed again"
  • Trent from Binghamton, Nyandy, u scar me!I luv this song,it;'s awsome!
  • Andy from Green Bay, WiI know people in California who supposedly know the orgin of the song. Danny Carey was told a story about a group of people tripping in the redwoods, aplace none of them were familiar with. They wound up getting completely lost, and one girl was seperated from the group. They stumbled upon her shaking on the ground in the fetal position. The only thing she could mumble was the directions out of the forest and that the world was gonna end soon. She later claimed aliens told her the directions and that the world was doomed.
  • D from Urbana, Ilforgot to mention he says X too, DMT must be combined with an MAOI to produce pure hallucinations. Its not about an lsd trip.
  • D from Urbana, Ilwhy are you all talking about lsd?? The first line of the song mentions DMT which is a highly hallucinaginic and would create the effects Tool is speaking of. If any of you have ever done lsd, you would know that its not extremely intense and cannot create pure hallucinations like DMT can. Study up boys.
  • Alexander from Manhattan Beach, CaThis song is a about two things: a)the first person to use LSD, that is why they don't know what is wrong with him. b)L. Ron Hubbard and how he created Scientology, that is what all of the talk about the "chosen one" and "being the one to deliver the message". It is basically making fun of Scientology in that sense.

    I'm pretty sure this is right, but if you got somethin different, do share.
  • Hideki from Kyoto, JapanSomeone told me that this song was about Maynard's experience with being abducted by aliens and that Lost Keys was about when whoever had been abducted had just appeared there and the doctors didnt know how he got there. I mean, he even mentions all through out rosetta stoned that he was told by an ET looking alien about how the world was going to end.
  • Daniel from Hyannis, MaThe lyrics are completly wrong on this site and yeah it is about the LSD trip....Listen to the song before Blame Hofmann(Lost Keys) it tells the story.
  • Jonathan from Toronto, Canadawhos is dave inthe song? he says 'like the time dave floated away'
  • Dave from Indianapolis, InThe song is about a man who finds himself in a hospital during an LSD trip. Maynard has stated himself that he did LSD in high school.
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