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Album: Sprinter (2015)
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  • This eight-minute lament about both Torres' mother's adoption and her own was the most difficult track on her Sprinter album to write. She told The Guardian that it took her months to get the lyrics right. "I had a mild fear of seeming self-indulgent with that song," she said regarding its explicit autobiographical detail.
  • This song details how Torres' mother's adoption records were washed away in a flood. "It's very sad," she said. "Anything that would've given her any leads on her biological parents were destroyed. She was devastated, and she ultimately decided that if she couldn't find her biological mother then there was a reason and it was for the best that she didn't. But us both being adopted, it's a connection I have with her that I don't really have with a lot of people."
  • Here are four more songs on the subject of adoption

    "The New York Times" by Everclear (Partly inspired by "The Scarlet Letter Law" in Florida that required any woman who did not know the paternity of her baby and wanted to give it up for adoption to buy ads in newspapers announcing her sexual past so the father could be found and have a say in the adoption.)

    "Afterbirth" by From First to Last (The adopted From First to Last lead singer Sonny Moore sings here of struggling with being "born to be given away.")

    "Blood is Blood" by Mary Gauthier (The adopted Mary Gauthier describes this as "an adoptee identity crisis song.")

    "Little Green" by Joni Mitchell (About the child that Joni Mitchell gave up for adoption in 1965.)


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