Maria I'm Drunk

  • This nearly six-minute-long track about getting wasted on alcohol and drugs features additional verses by Justin Bieber and Young Thug. Surprised to see Justin Bieber featuring on such a track? It was the Canadian pop star who personally reached out to Scott about working together, facetiming the rapper to tell him he was eager to collaborate. Scott instantly knew this slurry cut was the perfect track for Bieber to jump on.

    Scott recalled to Billboard magazine that he sent Bieber the track, which he'd already recorded with Young Thug and "he called me the next day like 'Yo, come up to the studio."

    The rapper added: "As soon as I got to the studio he played it for me. He already had [his rap verse on it] done. That s--t was f---ing crazy. I went back in and produced over it. That s--t's so pure!"
  • In the intro Travis Scott and Young Thug state they are "Callin' for Maria. Lost without Maria." The name "Maria" in this song is not a girl but a reference to marijuana. "Maria" is the Spanish name for "Mary" and weed is commonly referred to as "Mary Jane."
  • Even though Rodeo talks a lot about drinking and drug use, Scott told Billboard magazine that he's not a heavy user of either. "I barely drink alcohol and I smoke weed kind of," he said. "But I don't do coke or any of that crazy-ass s--t."


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