Album: Where You Stand (2013)


  • Many of the songs on Where You Stand are autobiographical. This song, for instance, was written by bassist Dougie Payne about the upheaval that accompanies being married to the actress Kelly MacDonald. "Kelly's been going here, there and everywhere and just when they get settled down they've got to move again," he told The Independent. "It's about realising it's not where you are, it's who you're with, that's home. And I liked the moral to that."
  • The video features the band members gathered round a fire to fight off the biting cold. We see a series of animations projected onto their breath, which was done in real time using no post production by the combined expertise of MPC's Motion Design Studio and Visual FX artists. Vocalist Fran Healy said: "Everyone on set became 5 years old, wide eyed, all day, watching real magic. Lots of ooohs and aahhs. It was very cool."
  • The song set some unusual challenges for Fran Healy when Travis were recording it on a small island off the coast of Norway in November 2012. Unable to reach the high notes in the chorus, the vocalist came up with a novel solution. "I remember once being told that adrenaline opens up your vocal chords," he told the Daily Mail. "So I thought that my body might benefit from the shock of jumping into the North Sea, which was seven degrees and just beside the studio."

    "So I went in for a minute. Then I got out, ran up the beach and straight into the booth. I put the headphones on and got the note."


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