Album: Beach House EP (2013)
Charted: 29
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  • Tyrone Griffin is a Los Angeles singer, rapper and producer who is better known by his stage name Ty Dolla $ign. His initial claim to fame was through the success of YG's hit, "Toot it and Boot it," which he sung on, wrote and produced. This is a track from Ty Dolla $ign's debut retail project, Beach House EP.
  • The beat was supplied by DJ Mustard. The Californian producer is best known for his work on such hits as Tyga's "Rack City," 2 Chainz's "I'm Different" and Kid Ink's "Show Me."
  • The song was originally recorded by Ty Dolla $ign with longtime rapper buddy Joe Moses, and included on DJ Mustard's Ketchup mixtape. It was then included again on Ty Dolla $ign's July 2013 mixtape, Beach House 2. When the song was officially released and pushed as the Beach House EP's lead single later in the year, Moses' verse was replaced by Ty Dolla $ign's Atlantic Records label-mate B.o.B.
  • The official remix features new guest appearances by Trey Songz, French Montana and DJ Mustard. It was also included on the Beach House EP.
  • Ty Dolla $ign performed the song for the first time on national television during the December 17, 2013 episode of DJ Skee's Skee Live. He was accompanied by Joe Moses rather than B.O.B.
  • Ty told Artist Direct a theme runs through the Beach House EP. "It's definitely a whole story, and it does match up too," he said. "It's crazy how that works because I'm doing different songs randomly every day. The fact that you can put them together and they sound like a story is incredible. It's just amazing how God works, bro. I'm not even really trying. It just happens."
  • Asked by Artist Direct why he titled his mixtapes Beach House, Ty replied: "First off, my first mixtape was called Hou$e on the Hill, and that's because I lived in this house on the hill in Baldwin Hills. My roommate and I were moving, and we were looking for places in Malibu and along the beach. I called it 'Beach House' because that's where I was about to move. I ended up staying in Hollywood because it was closer to everything I was doing right now and the beach fu--ing takes so long to get to. It wouldn't have worked out for right now. Beach House is the goal. That's why I called my tapes Beach House."
  • The song finds Ty singing about being at a club when two different girls he's seeing both show up. He is aware that they know about each other and he questions whether the reason they are both there at the same time is to set him up." "Maybe I'm just paranoid," Ty muses.

    "That one really happened," Ty told Spin magazine. "Like, the night before, I was at this club called Supper Club, and I came with this one chick. A couple other chicks started coming up to my table, and I saw them with these other chicks. So I was just wondering if they're trying to like" - (pause) - "you know what I mean? That s--t just came out the next morning on the beat."
  • Speaking with Billboard in a 2018 interview, Ty Dolla said this contains one his favorite ever hook. He explained:

    "It's one of those songs where before I dropped it there was nothing else like it. And then once I dropped it, you started to hear a lot of other songs that were reminiscent of 'Paranoid.' So basically, we put together a whole sound, and it always feels good to start something rather than follow what somebody else got going."
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