by Tyga

Album: Legendary (2018)
Charted: 5 8
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  • This trap-influenced, smooth rap song features a verse by Offset. Speaking with DJ Sour Milk on Power 106 LA, Tyga explained, "I sent it to [Offset] and he FaceTimed me and told me the song was crazy and he wanted to hop on it."

    The track marks the two rappers' first ever collaboration.
  • The sun-soaked video finds Tyga and Offset hosting a NSFW pool party in Los Angeles. Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz join him in eyeing up the bikini-clad women. The pair then hit the roller rink where they are surrounded by more scantily-clad females.
  • The song marked Tyga's his first solo appearance in the Top 40 since 2012's "Faded" peaked at #33 in 2012.
  • "Taste" was created by Tyga one night in the studio following a nightclub break he'd taken in between recording tracks. The rapper recalled to Billboard that on returning to the studio, producer D.A. Doman (Chris Brown's "Privacy") played a "real slow" beat. Tyga sped up the instrumentation then began freestyling over it.

    Tyga added, "I always like to record the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear something so I came up with like the first four bars…I did the song in probably 30 minutes. Some beats just bring out that spirit in you and it was just a cake walk."
  • Chicago native D.A. Doman (Chris Brown's "Privacy") created the beat. A frequent Tyga collaborator, Doman told DJ Booth that after creating the instrumentation pretty quickly, he sent it to the rapper, who immediately gave it the thumbs up.

    Doman was in his car with his wife back in Chicago when Tyga texted an unmixed version of "Taste" back to him and both the producer and Mrs. Doman immediately recognized as a potential smash.

    When Tyga sent Doman a mixed version of "Taste" a while later, the producer suggested getting a feature from either Offset or another (unnamed) rapper. Tyga sent the record to Offset, who immediately agreed to contribute a guest verse.

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  • Rachel Schweigert from Sheboygan Wi I just wanted to know how many times Tyga used the word taste in his song taste and I haven't been able to figure it out.
  • Jhnelle from JamaicaI really need to find the background music for this song. Bruhhhhhh
  • Heather from North CarolinaOk, this is driving me crazy! Can someone please tell me who is singing in the background? I think the background vocals that repeat throughout the song is sampled from Blackstreet, but can’t find any information about it.
  • Kristen from GaOMG...I can't find out who is singing in the background and its driving me nuts!! It kinda sounds like Tank, but I can't verify it anywhere. Who is it?
  • Daniel from Las VegasI have been searching for the origin of the vocal on the track that repeats for the entire track in the background, have yet to find reliable information, just a couple of sparse opinions online, i have probably seen like 10-15 people ask in posts about the song who the sample is so I know I cant be the only one digging, one man saying it sounds kinda like the weeknd and not being able to put his finger on which song, which sounds plausible, but after searching google and reddit a bunch whosampled (songs not even listed) and checking rapgenius i discovered i had been not seeing the full about section for the song which lists Aaliyah's I Can Be as the sample on this song, which i listened to and knew i didnt recognize the voice from.. its been stuck in my head for hours and i just neeeed to find this, if anyone figures out this mystery please tweet me the vocal sample artist/track from the song @whoeusbsknsi , thank you!
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