Redneck Crazy

Album: Redneck Crazy (2013)
Charted: 29
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  • Farr admitted to that when he initially heard the title of the song he thought it wasn't for him. "The first time I saw the title I was like, 'Okay here we go. It's another redneck song. I've heard it a million times,'" Farr explained. "The lady that pitched me the song said, 'No. You need to listen to this. It's different.'"

    Farr agreed, and listened to the story of a man who starts throwing empty beer cans at his girlfriend's window when he discovers her with another man. "It was haunting and edgy. I never heard a song put that way," he said of the track. "I know people have felt this way, they just never said it."
  • Carrie Underwood laid out her plan for country-style revenge on her track "Before He Cheats," and Tyler Farr explains how he handles a cheating ex on this track. Like Underwood, his plan is to go unhinged, shining the headlights into her window and tossing empty beer cans at the couple. That's what she gets for driving a redneck crazy.
  • Having discovered an ex cheating on him in the past, Farr was able to understand this cut's protagonist going a little crazy. "I've never actually done the actions in the song, but I could relate to the emotions that went along with the actions," he told "I think a lot of people have been there at some point in their life."
  • This song about a breakup is the third single to be released by the Missouri native Tyler Farr. The song was penned by Nashville songwriters Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear and Mark Irwin. Kear told Roughstock about the writing of the tune: "I remember driving to the writing appointment that day with Chris and Mark listening to country radio," Kear recalled. "Some song from the '90s came on where the guy was all upset that his girl picked another guy, but he was resigned to that fact. I couldn't help thinking that the guys I grew up with back home would never let it go that easily. I told Chris and Mark what I was thinking, and by that afternoon it was done.
    "I remember loving the 'about to get my pissed off on' line, mainly because we had the line and one of the other guys had to point out the off/on cleverness of it," added Kear. "I just liked that it sounded real in this situation."
  • In the video, Farr gets some help executing his plan for revenge from fellow country stars Colt Ford and Lee Brice, and from Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty.
  • Some critics claimed the song promoted violence towards women. When Billboard magazine asked Farr for his reaction to the controversy, he replied: "I cut 'Redneck Crazy' because I had an ex cheat on me, so I felt those emotions. I've learned that if you're not getting any backlash, then you're not doing something right."

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  • Justin from Roanoke, VaIt's so damn refreshing to hear a song today that lets a man feel like a man. There are so many songs where now days where women bash men when they cheat. I know we live in a politically correct world now but this song is the truth about how most men feel when they have been wronged. I know "redneck crazy" and I think men have every right to get it, especially if being promised love. Both sex's hearts bleed and hurt the same no matter what society tries to brainwash us into believing.
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