by U2


  • This was inspired by the models U2 was hanging out with at the time. Christy Turlington and Kate Moss were friends of the band, and Naomi Campbell was going out with Adam Clayton.
  • The cryptic lettering on the album cover is made up of song titles that didn't make the cut.

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  • Thomas from Copenhagen, DenmarkI have also heard that during the previous tour, there was a lot of porn going around... And they wrote a song about it.

    Must be fun for the different artists to read all of out interpretations! :-)
  • Conor from Swinford, IrelandMaybe even child porn. Think about the title, "Babyface"
  • Marius from Lüneburg, GermanyGood observed, Andrew - But I think this song is much to slow to have a critical statement. And U2 would never show it as a good think, not after Zoo TV ;)
  • Andrew from Flamborough, CanadaThe more I listen to this song and think about the Zoo TV tour that was going on at the time, the more this song seems to be about TV. Think about it:
    "Catching your bright blue eyes IN THE FREEZE FRAME"
    "Coming home late at night TO TURN YOU ON. CHECKING OUT EVERY FRAME, I've got SLOW MOTION on my mind. Turning around and around WITH THE SOUND AND COLOUR UNDER MY CONTROL"
    "You're coming to me FROM OUTER SPACE"
    Or maybe it's a combination. Maybe it's about porn on the TV
  • Amy Friel from Barrie, CanadaI've heard this song was about pornography.
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