Album: Orange Loyalist Songs 1972 (1972)
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  • In Britain, the self-styled "anti-racist" lobby has generated mass hysteria over a handful of admittedly shameful incidents, most notably the 1993 murder of the eighteen year old black teenager Stephen Lawrence. It is then ironic that the most outrageous and shameful form of racial bigotry in these islands has been between the two white tribes of Northern Ireland.

    In the early seventies, the Red Hand Brigade published a series of pamphlets which set this bigotry to music. Orange Loyalist Songs 1972 includes the lyrics to "Belfast" which is most certainly not to be confused with the disco number recorded by Boney M.

    This "Belfast" begins:

    There was a town that lived in peace
    It's now patrolled by troops and police

    and ends:

    The only way peace can be won
    Is to rid our Ulster of the rebel scum

    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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