Seeing Red

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  • "Seeing Red" is an expression that means very upset. In this song, the singer is furious and feels he has been betrayed. >>
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    Jessiah - Kingston, OH
  • Unwritten Law lead singer Scott Russo explains: "Seeing Red is a song I wrote about how I felt my ex girl felt about me. It's taken from the narration of her point of view towards me... the quickest song I ever wrote." >>
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    Jeremy - Aldergrove, BC
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  • Alajandro!!!! from Burlington, VtI don't know if it's just me, but they sort of remind me of Silverchair..
  • Dave from Northridge, CaAre you kidding me Theresa, wow, you're obviously not a fan, they have had plenty of hits but never sold out like the bands that are probably on your Ipod. Probably one of the most fun bands to see live, I have seen em live over 10 times. One of my top five fav bands.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnIntense song - too bad they never had another hit.
  • John from Salt Lake City, UtMy take: "I'm Seein Red", means that he is seeing red flags, or red lights, it is a warning. Clearly she left him, or possible cheated. It sounds like she is trying to come back to him and he is the one who has to make a choice. He doesn't have "time for sympathy" because he has always been loyal and doesn't know what it's like to hurt someone and want them back. He tried to compromise, she is crying begging for forgiveness. He wants to take her back, Her words are "running through his head" but he knows she'd "only do it again". He doesn't know "what to make of all this mess." He is having a tough time deciding, and now its time to make a choice. He loves her, "all he wants to here is her voice - but he knows better despite his feelings. This is a common scenario amongst lovers.
  • Amanda from New York, NyI agree that in the song, he is angry and probably feels betrayed. But he also wants his girlfriend to make a choice to stay or leave him. "I don't know where I'll be when you come around And now it's time to make a choice
    And all I wanna hear is your voice..." but this is a great song i only wish it could happen to me.
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