Jamie's Cryin'

Album: Van Halen (1978)


  • This song is about a girl who has a one-night stand and lives to regret it. She wants a deeper relationship and feels used by the guys who hit it and quit. She considers writing him a letter asking him to call (remember, this is before texting), but she knows it will get her nowhere.

    David Lee Roth wrote the lyrics, which is a little ironic considering his many one-and-done conquests. In the early years of Van Halen, he would have a crew member make sure that some lovely ladies in the crowd were ushered backstage for his enjoyment.
  • A track from the first Van Halen album, "Jamie's Cryin'," was never released as a single, but it became a fan favorite and a concert mainstay during their David Lee Roth era.
  • Eddie Van Halen's guitar riff was sampled for Tone Loc's 1988 hit "Wild Thing."

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  • Ben Marcus from MalibuThat is correct.

    She didn't sleep with the guy but likes him and if she writes him a letter, she knows what that will get her.

    I honestly do think this is one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever written.

    And how is Van Halen as a debut album?

    Has there been a great debut album?

    Maybe Led Zeppelin I
  • Jason from Louisville, Kentucky "Jamie's Cryin" is a Van Halen original written by them in the studio when recording the album.

    "Jamie's Cryin" is a 1978 song by Van Halen from their debut album, Van Halen. The song was written and recorded live during the three week sessions for the album.

    You probably recognized "You Really Got Me" as Kinks song with "Jamie's Cryin" coming out at the same time. Some how because of all this over time you remembered it wrong. Can you find the song anywhere from the Kinks or other band that did the song. If some one else recorded it you would be able to find it on the Internet.
  • Steve from Dublin OhioWhy did they leave that bad bridge in their from Alex? He comes out of a fill and forgets that he's in the bridge. The second time they play the bridge he does it right.
  • Myla from San Diego, CaMy favorite Van Halen song of all time! The groove of the drums, the slick guitar licks, the grounding bass, and the storytelling lyrics all mesh together perfectly!
  • Mark from Texas City, TxJamie is a girl from texas city who met the band
    back in the 70"s i have always wondered what she thought about the song
  • Cory from Seaford, DeYou're confusing this song for another one... this is all Van Halen.
  • Brian from Grand Forks, NdI still think you are confusing it with something else... Here's Something I read in an interview with Eddie Van Halen...

    Van Halen entered the studio, and within three weeks they emerged with enough material for at least two albums. "For the first record," Eddie recalls, "we went in to the studio one day and played live and laid down 40 songs. Out of these 40 we picked nine and wrote one in the studio--'Jamie's Cryin'.'
  • Cuauhtemoc from Mission, TxAs if I could ever confuse "Jamie's Crying" with "You Really Got Me" or "Where Have All the Good Times Gone"! NOT POSSIBLE, Dude! Anyway, I am certain that there is an early, raw, version of Jamies' Cryin' that was recorded by the Kinks. Perhaps it had a different name, or maybe there is some slight variation in lyrics and/or melody...but I assure you that any variation is slight, and it is, in fact, the exact same song. My high school radio station used to have the song in its rotation, and the recording sounds as raw as the the Kiniks version of "You Really Got Me", which suggests to me that it must have been recorded at about the same time.
  • Brian from Grand Forks, NdIt is NOT written by the Kinks... Or Ray Davies or Dave Davies or anyone associated with the Kinks... Songwriting Credits are listed as The members of Van Halen... Your Confusion comes from the fact that Van Halen has Covered the Kinks on 2 occasions... "You Really Got Me" from the Same album is a Kinks Cover and "Where have all the Good Times Gone" from Diver Down is also a Kinks Cover... Jamie's Cryin is not and I'd stop looking for verification because you will not find it...
  • Cuauhtemoc from Mission, TxI know this song was actually written by the Kinks, but I cannot find any verification of this anywhere...not on the album credits, not on th eKink's website, not anywhere...but I know becaouse I've heard it! Anyone with any information on this please let me know!!
  • John from Sanfransisco, CaThis song is about a dumbass girl who lost her virginity to Roth and thinks she is in love because she got an orgasm for the first time.
  • Billy from Columbus, OhShe DOESNT have a one night stand thats why she is cryin', read the lyrics!
  • Scott Hughes from London, EnglandEdward Van Halen flipped when he heard it being used in Wild Thing
  • Joe from Oswego, NyAlex's drum was also sampled for "Wild Thing"
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