Love Walks In

Album: 5150 (1986)
Charted: 22


  • This song deals with extra-terrestrials, which can interpreted as a metaphor for new love, or as Van Halen reaching out to new fans. 5150 was the first album Van Halen released with new lead singer Sammy Hagar, and Hagar drew the lyrics from some out-of-body experiences. In an interview with Guitar World magazine, Hagar said: "I'm a firm believer - have seen, have felt, have been contacted three or four different times. I have received information that has been valuable in my life from those people, and they have used me. I'm gonna sound like a complete nut here, but they have used me in an experimental fashion. The easiest way to put it is that they downloaded my brain information.

    When I was about 19 or 20, they downloaded everything that was in my head. And I caught 'em doin' it! I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking, 'What's goin' on?' They were like, 'Oh, my god, he's waking up!' But this was all telepathy - there were no words being spoken. And as soon as I woke up - it was probably 3 o'clock in the morning - my whole room was so bright that I could hardly keep my eyes open. I was wide-awake, I could not move, eyes open, white room, they were still disconnecting - and when they did, it just went bang!

    Everything went back to normal, back to black. I was shaking, I almost passed out, I was sick to my stomach and almost had to throw up, it was so scary. It sent me on a course of curiosity. I bought a telescope, and I started reading UFO books, and I just got into the whole thing. And since then, there have been three or four other contacts with the same group of people. I don't know who the f--k they are, but I've narrowed them down to a people called The Nine, who are called that because they're from the Ninth Dimension. I've named my publishing company the Nine Music after them. It's a crazy thing, man. But to me, anyone who thinks we're the only ones here, despite the vastness of the entire universe, is f--king crazy. Those people gotta be put away - not the guys having these contacts." >>
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  • "Love Walks In" was the third single from 5150, following "Why Can't This Be Love?" and "Dreams." These songs were softer than David Lee Roth Van Halen, but very effective, earning the band a broader, more adult audience. The album was a study follow-up to 1984, one of the best sellers in rock history.

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  • Private from Globe Actually, I feel him, but if you tell people who are n't open minded about that kinda stuff, they'll label you as insane. I was always drawn to this song as a child (as well as movies like E.T., Contact, and Interstellar) and I did n't realize why till later on. I was contacted on several occasions. I knew what it was, but it was hard to articulate something like that with a religious background. I asked them to reveal themselves. I only saw one, but, then I thought, I could be just creating this(our minds are very powerful). Either way, there are similarities between Sammy's tale amid the song and my seemingly own true experience with extra terrestrials. After evolving in further understanding, I know exactly what the song is about. It's got two main parts. 1) Sammy explains his own experience with extra terrestrials and how such is intermingled in mysticism. 2) It also reveals how dark hearts can become enlightened by love. Such indeed enlightens our being, and it is like an out of body experience (who knows, if you shift your perspective, it is). Our typically dreary existence is invaded by an essence beyond our previous perception; such solicits change. Who knows? It could be aliens or Angels. Does it really matter? As long as we're preserving our race of humans in well being, then who gives a s***? ;) :)
  • Matt from Ft. Lauderdale, FlBest Van Halen song ever!
  • Charles from Charlotte, NcWell the funny orbs over Arizona musta got ol' Sammy real excited.
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