Brand New Cadillac

Album: Dance For Ever (1959)
  • In this rockabilly tune, Vince Taylor's baby leaves him, driving off in a brand new Cadillac. Seems she can't be with a guy who drives a Ford.
  • This was the B-side on Taylor's second single for Parlophone Records, "Pledging My Love," and was his first original composition released. It became a massive hit in France and propelled Taylor to stardom there.
  • The guitarist for Taylor's backing band The Play-Boys, Tony Sheridan, is credited with coming up with the tense guitar riff running through the song.
  • The song is best known for The Clash's cover on their 1979 album London Calling, where it was recorded in one take at Wessex to become the first song recorded for the album. It was also a live staple of the band for the rest of their career.


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