Keep Me In Your Heart

  • This was the final song Zevon wrote and recorded before dying of mesothelioma (a form of lung cancer) in September of 2003. This was also the only song on Zevon's final album The Wind that he wrote entirely after learning of his terminal illness. With the exception of the cover of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," all of the remaining songs on The Wind were songs Zevon had already at least started writing beforehand. Zevon also saved the recording of this song for last. His deteriorating health rendered him too weak to continue commuting to the studio where the other tracks had been recorded, so he had a makeshift studio set up at his home to record this song. >>
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  • Thomas from Denver, CoI was a rear seat passenger listening to the driver's choice when this came on. Without any background info, I got what this was about. First-listens don't usually hit that hard. I bought the sheet music and after a good 40 tries (that's not many for intermediate pianists) I got it down. I'd encourage anyone who knows a G chord to give it a try. Very approachable.
  • Joann from Cleveland, OhLast night I was watching an episode of the new MacGyver show. At the end, a wedding took place and the bride was a love lost by someone in attendance. They played a little snippet of this song, just the chorus as he watched he marry someone else. I thought "hey that sounds like Warren Zevon!" So I looked up the song and the lyrics. Just from reading the lyrics, I could tell it was something he composed right before his death. It is beautiful! Today I found this page and read that I was correct in my assumption. This was a lovely memento to leave for his loved ones.
  • Robert from Rossford, OhioI have known and loved this song for years. It is just perfect. I was almost 30, single, and in a constant state of drunkenness when I first heard it. It was just another beautiful song to me back then. I didn't become a father until I was 36. I was sober, sane, and in love with my family. My daughter, my only child, was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease at 5-1/2 months old, and died March 20th from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1. In her two years and eight months alive, she had me wrapped around her finger with her personality. The first song I thought to play at her funeral was this gem, because each line describes my little girl to a tee. "...runnin' out of breath." "tied to you like the buttons on your blouse," "maybe you'll think of me and smile," and on and on. This song will always be my little reminder of Sofia.
  • Greg from Harrington Park, NjYou know I am tied to you like the buttons on your blouse. -- great lyric. I love this song. Understanding what he knew of his own mortality at the time it was written and how he reached out in this song so beautifully in both music/melody and lyrics makes it one of his best songs ever.
  • Linda from Inland Empire, CaI had been touched by this song and video since I first heard and saw it, but the video has even more impact after I watched the VH1 documentary on the making of this album. When I watched the song's video after watching the VH1 video, I then had a better sense of who everyone was that he was saying goodbye through the song. Very, very moving.
  • Sebastian from Fredrikstad, United StatesThis song is featured on House last episode, episode 22 season 8
  • Lydia from Charlottesville, VaAs someone who grew up listening to Warren Zevon, I can't hear this song without crying. Such a beautiful and heartfelt goodbye to those who loved him. His amazing music will live on.
  • Pinchas from La, CaI neither expect anyone to actually keep me in their heart, or to have an epitaph once I'm dead; but theoretically speaking, I would love this to be my epitaph.
  • Rich Spurk from Arlington, Ohi hapen to like this song as wel...kyle so get on with it! see yoo soone!! =]]
  • Jim from Dunedin, Fl, FlWarren had a studio for some time in his home, prior to his illness, in which he humourously called "Anatomy of A Headache". ( Information can be found in the book "The Dirty Life And Times Of Warren Zevon" written by Crystal Zevon, his ex- wife.
    This is probably the most touching song ever written by someone, and it hits you like no other.
  • Matt from Sterling, IlA very moving song, especially when you know the circumstances during which it was written.
  • Mark from Jonesboro, ArAwesome song. One of many by an awesome artist. He will be missed!
  • Kyle from Arlington, OhI want this song played at my funeral - no hurry, though
  • Jerry from Brooklyn, NyThe first time I heard this wonderful piece was on a TV News year-end summary of famous people who had died in the past year. This song was used as background for the montage of pictures and Zevon was last. My son immediately got on-line to find and download the lyrics.
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