I'll Think About You

Album: The Shack (2017)


  • We Are Messengers' Darren Mulligan wrote this song with Benjamin Backus of For King & Country for the faith-based movie The Shack. The song features prominently in the motion picture during an emotional funeral scene.

    "When someone comes along with a movie about what it means to be a believer in a God who is with you in great suffering, then it opens up the opportunity to write different types of lyrics," Darren Mulligan explained to NewReleaseToday.
  • Mulligan told NewReleaseToday the story of the song:

    "Our publisher at Word Records approached me and asked if I would be interested in writing a song for the movie. I said I'd love to. I was writing songs at the time with a friend of mine, Ben Backus from the band for King & Country. We'd been working on various tracks and decided to work on this song together.

    They sent us a scene from the movie where they were looking to use our song. I went to my bedroom and I just sat there and asked God what He wanted me to write. All of my songs come from personal relationship stories and testimonies of actual experiences that I've had. For this song, it was for a funeral scene in the movie where the man has lost someone he loves very much. Thankfully I haven't really had that experience as an adult. What I did was think about my wife and what the Lord has done in our lives, and I imagined a time when either she would lose me or I would lose her and how that grief would feel. Then I tried to find the hope for that time.

    I sat with my acoustic guitar and came up with a melody, and then I went to Ben's studio and we worked on the song. We've done twenty or thirty revisions of this song for the movie. We're really happy with how it ended up. It's a beautiful moment in the film, and we believe that the song matches up perfectly."
  • Mulligan sings about his hope of God's promise of Heaven for those who love Him and put their faith in Him. He explained: "The song is an attempt for me to talk and sing about loss in a certain way and to leave the listener with the hope that one day every tear will be wiped away. There will be no more suffering and no more sorrow."

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  • Karabo from Lesotho This is a very appropriate song for the scene...it makes it so real. Reminds me of the loss of the person who was very dear to me
  • Natalie from Santa RosaThis song reminds me of having a miscarriage and not being able to say bye to my unborn child even though it was my fault that I lost it. How do I ever let this go.
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