Chick Lit

Album: Brain Thrust Mastery (2008)
Charted: 37


  • Lead singer Keith Murray says: "That song is lyrically sort of an embittered reaction, very specifically against one person who is a total hipster reactionary, who I've had a lot of conversations with, I've had a lot of dealings with, and whose opinions were specifically sprung fully formed from a sort of generalized ideal that he was perceiving as what was and was not cool. He was the kind of person that I could predict what he would and would not like simply based on what my whole team would enjoy. So I ended up having a lot of discussions with this person that ended up being a loggerhead because I tend to be sort of reactionary in the same way, or in an opposite way, whereas I tend to nastily refute things that I perceive as being very cool and popular because they're cool. And then a lot of times I'll end up coming around to it later and be like, "Oh, well, all those stupid hipsters are right about this one, I will concede." But I think that song is just about a sort of self-acknowledged bitter refusal to follow the party line on hipsterdom, and music specifically."
  • In the hysterical video for this song, Keith and his fellow band member Chris Cain are take-no-prisoners cowboys on the range rounding up their herd. Of Pomeranians. Playing their parts to perfection - their facial expressions are priceless - they never give away their very real discomfort. Telling the story, Keith says, "We were deeply uncomfortable on the horses. The bigger issue, first of all, when we pitched the idea to the label, the first thing they asked was how confident we were as riders. We told them that both of us had been riding since we were like ten, and that we were not professional grade horsemen, but could hold our own. And of course the fact of the matter was I'd ridden a horse, like, once. But for insurance reasons we assured them that we were masterful on horses. And the whole thing was made worse by the fact that the video was shot on a hill in Ireland, and it had snowed there the day before, and then warmed up considerably. So the snow had melted and the ground was essentially marsh. And it was really windy and cold, so the horses were battling essentially gale force winds, and were sinking into the mud with every step. So they were deeply unhappy, and the fact that we were climbing on top of them and not providing any guidance, which was only making them more irate. But yeah, we were afraid any time those horses were in the vicinity."
  • Murray elaborated to Live Daily about the video: "I am a big fan of Westerns. I am not a big fan of Pomeranians. The idea was my idea. My girlfriend loves Pomeranians and I despise them. Somehow, I was thinking about those horrible bastard creatures and the image of a full herd of them, which is essentially my worst nightmare and her greatest dream, was just playing itself in my mind. But I have to admit that while we were filming the video we were hanging out with the dogs and they were really, really friendly. So my hatred for them has sort of subsided, but they are still ugly as hell. [laughs]" (read the full interview with Keith Murray)


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