God Is A Lie

Album: Transylvania 90210 (2005)


  • The song talks about a man who wants to commit suicide. He's thinking, "I've got no reason to live, but I've got 100 to die." Then he thinks, if I do kill myself, and God is real, he won't let it happen... and bam, the guy's dead, indicating that God is a lie. >>
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    Elyssa - Goliad, TX
  • Transylvania 90210 was Wednesday 13's first solo album, released when his band, Murderdolls, was on hiatus after Joey Jordison returned to Slipknot. In our 2013 interview with Wednesday 13, he talked about two of the big influences on his lyrics, which are apparent on this song. "When I first started writing songs, I loved the snideness of the Sex Pistols," he said. "And the Ramones, as well. I loved how they used to rhyme stuff. They were these really f--ked up kind of nursery rhymes, almost. That's really how I started writing songs in the first place - lyrically it came from that."

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  • Jordan from Brantford, Canadaok the first thing i like about this song is that the lyrics are meaningful... I also had fun with this song when i sang the chorus of this song through my cathlic school and got suspended
  • Kelsie from Reno, NvThis song is awesome and I think it is one of thier cooler songs I personally think this song rules and rotting in hell would be a dream come true for this band
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