I Won't Give Up

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  • Will Young revealed on his record label's website that he jokingly refers to this as "the stalker song." He explained: "It's such a declaration of love, it could be misconstrued, someone could actually be arrested for this and not be allowed within a mile of the object of their affection! It's about seeing someone who is right for you and making yourself vulnerable and saying exactly what you feel. It's actually a very brave song."
  • This was produced by Young's frequent collaborator Eg White together with UK dance production duo The Freemasons. Young explained on his record label's website: "I think very carefully about who to collaborate with. Eg found this brilliant string section in Nashville, the Love Sponge Strings, and their arrangement is quite fantastic but we needed a bit more rhythm. You wouldn't really associate The Freemasons with me but it works, because its like a disco track led by the strings. We've kept it really sparse, so the strings almost joust with the vocals."
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