Love Revolution

Album: 85% Proof (2015)


  • The lead single from Will Young's 85% Proof album, the lyrics on the chorus are borrowed from Tomcraft's 2003 dance anthem "Loneliness."
  • The album's title refers to the alcoholic strength of rum a few centuries back. It was inspired by a conversation Will Young had with his brother in Thailand. "My brother was telling me about how in the 16th Century, sailors would get paid by rum, and to test the alcohol content they'd put a little bit of it with gunpowder," he said. "They'd light the gunpowder and if it went off, it had over 50% alcohol. The phrase was '50% proof' or whatever it was. And so I just thought '85% Proof' was really good!"

    "I think the songs are very honest and bold, and I think it (the album) needed a bold title," Young added. "I hate doing album titles! I've always picked my own, and they always sound like self-help books!"


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