Dear Friend

Album: Wild Life (1971)


  • This song was originally issued on the Wild Life album under the name Wings. It is an official Wings release without the "Paul McCartney" in front. This song was written as a response to the musical and personal battle between McCartney and John Lennon after the Beatles breakup. Beginning with the McCartney album, John was offended by the song "Teddy Boy" which he felt contained personal references to him as well as "Dear Boy" and "Too Many People" from Ram. John responded as well in his first recording as the Plastic Ono Band by specifically mentioning Paul's name in the song "I Found Out."

    Paul tried to make peace with the conciliatory "Dear Friend," but Lennon then blasted Paul on "How Do You Sleep?" from his Imagine album.
  • Paul is quoted in the biography Band on the Run as saying each member of the Beatles were influenced by outside forces that would pit them against one another. He explained further that they never hated each other but paranoia and frustration would boil over, and as songwriters their only outlet was to express themselves in song. In this song Paul is attempting to tell John his true feelings.

    George Harrison also commented on the affairs in the Beatles breakup in songs such as "Isn't It a Pity," "Wah-Wah," and "Sue Me, Sue You Blues." >>
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  • Anonymous from Dedra From NyOf course Paul is telling John that he is in with a friend of his who obviously is LINDA! Really truly young and newly wed.. so obvious.
  • Cb From Canada from CanadaIn interviews with McCartney he says it was written for John as a response to the breakup of the Beatles, and doesn't say anything about it being related to Lennon's song at all.
  • Angela from NcPaul obviously couldn't admit that Dear Boy is addressed to John, because he sounds like a jilted lover in it.
  • Angela from NcThe Paul in "I Found Out" is the apostle Paul.
  • Angela from NcWhen he says "I'm in love with a friend of mine" who does he refer to? I dare ask, is it John? - Aleen from Los Ageles, Ca

    Who else? The song is about John. He also used the phrase "a friend of mine" on RAM and it definitely wasn't Linda.
  • Angela from Nc"Paul is so sweet after all the crap John said about him" - Olivia from Philadelphia, PA

    After Paul crap talked John on RAM, yeah he was back to being sweet.
  • Steve from TotnesDear Boy is addressed to Linda's previous partner, Melville See.
  • Ladaladunka from Zelenograd When he says "I'm in love with a friend of mine" who does he refer to? I dare ask, is it John? Aleen - Los Angeles, Ca

    I think it is john that he refers to.
  • Ladaladunka from Zelenograd This songs is like a truce. I think people will relate to it when you have a bad argument with those people who are close to you friends or family.
  • Aleen from Los Angeles, CaWhen he says "I'm in love with a friend of mine" who does he refer to? I dare ask, is it John?
  • Olivia from Philadelphia, PaPaul is so sweet after all the crap John said about him
  • Andrew from London, United KingdomNot going to cry...not going to cry...
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