Searching for Satellites

Album: Elegant Stealth (2011)


  • Wishbone Ash was extant for over 40 years when they released this celestial song, which deals with their far-flung fanbase, and how through technology and spirit, they are connected. "You're often trying to reconnect, make connections with those people," lead guitarist and vocalist Andy Powell told us. "So 'Searching for Satellites' is a kind of euphemism for looking for your people that are like-minded people, really. And in our case, it's our fans, it's people that maybe they touched our music, they forgot about it, they lost it, and reconnecting with them. So that's the metaphor there."
  • Powell was the only original member of Wishbone Ash still with the band at this time. This song was composed by the group, which in addition to Powell was comprised of Muddy Manninen (guitar), Bob Skeat (bass) and Joe Crabtree (drums).


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