Whole World Is Watching

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  • Lyrically the song is about empowerment and overcoming obstacles, which are themes that carry through Hydra. In our interview with lead singer Sharon den Adel, she explained: "Sometimes when you finally get back from the setback in your life, the thing that has given you certain problems, you feel like everybody who was informed about the problem that you had - maybe it could be a physical problem or a disease or you've been struggling with a certain kind of thing - everybody who knows it is watching and mentally supporting you while you're reaching that moment that you stand up and you get over that problem.

    That's a very positive feeling, a feeling of empowerment, like everybody is watching you while you're getting to this finish line. You finally ran that marathon and you finally reached the finish line. That's what the song is about. That's the feeling that we wanted to grasp. If you had something to battle for, something you've been working so hard for, it is the song when you come back and when you finally made that moment come true."
  • This track features Soul Asylum singer Dave Pirner. "In the beginning when we wrote the song, it was really a Soul Asylum kind of song," explained singer Sharon den Adel to Ultimate-Guitar.com. "I loved Soul Asylum and especially with the 'Runaway Train' song. It was always very special to me. We felt like, 'If we're gonna do this song on the album, we need to have him in as well.' Because it's maybe on the border of what we normally do."
  • The Polish version of the song features the native rock singer Piotr Rogucki of the band Coma instead of Pirner.
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