I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler

Album: I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler (2015)
  • This is the title track of YACHT's eighth album, which finds them tackling issues of privacy, relationships, and society in the digital age. The band's lead singer Claire L. Evans told Billboard magazine, "It's the most cynical song on the album by a mile and by cynical I mean sad."
  • In their album-announcement on Buzzfeed, YACHT wrote that the record is about "what the world feels like: relentless police violence, social media companies exploiting us emotionally, the ascendance of content over art, pleasure as a teleological end in itself, vaporized stimulants, using the word 'drone' to mean both a killing machine and a remote-controlled toy."
  • The song's deeply dark content contrasts sharply with the catchiness of the funky disco-leaning electro track. When asked how they square such dark content with pop music, Evans replied, "There’s nothing more powerful than a pop song in terms of conveying a message succinctly and in a memorable way. If you can get a hook into someone’s brain, you have them forever. It doesn’t even matter if people don’t immediately understand what the song’s about."
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