Come Home

Album: She Was a Boy (2011)
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  • Yael Naim made the difficult decision to leave Israel when she was 20 years old, moving to France to pursue her music career over the objections of her family. In our 2011 interview with Yael Naim, she explained that "Come Home" is about leaving her family and finding her voice. Said Naim: "Most of the song speaks about my life, like what happens to me. And some other things that people who are close to me had happen to them and it touched me in one way. So 'Come Home,' it's exactly what happened to my family. In fact, to try to go far somewhere to be more independent and to discover who you are, even if it's not what your family expects you to be. And then you have a struggle because you don't become what you've been expected. My family tried to block me to what I was before and to tell me, 'Why do you change? It's not the way we educated you.' And then I started the whole process about learning to know each other again and to tell them not to worry, I'm just changing and growing as a human being and having my own life and opinions. And I do different choices to be happy."
  • Naim started working with David Donatien in 2004, and they collaborated on her 2007 album Yael Naim, which contains the hit "New Soul." She continued working with Donatien on her next album She Was a Boy, and when inspiration struck for "Come Home," he was there to help. Said Naim: "This song came, and I was in the condition to record it immediately, so I started recording it with the backing vocals and some rhythm and the piano and guitar and the beginning of arrangement. And then when David listened, he loved it and then he added some things, like, in the arrangement and I started working, too."
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