Album: Odd Blood (2010)


  • Singer and keyboardist Chris Keating explained to MTV News: "That's a song that I had been working on for a while. It's really old. I set up a bunch of samplers and plugged them all into the TV for a whole Sunday, and I got, like, four channels, didn't have cable or anything, so it was all, like, daytime Sunday weirdness, bad commercials, infomercials, soap operas, I don't know what. And I recorded four banks of sound and started to structure a song out of it. And I sang on top of it. I thought it was cool to make this real paranoid. I liked the late-'70s era of David Bowie that's very paranoid, where he's, like, so coke-addled and crazy, and I like that kind of feel, and mixing it with the sort of 24-hour news cycle, and Glenn Beck and Hannity, the sort of absurd, psychotic rants that those guys go on. I sort of think it's amazing, because it just seems like something out of the movie Network. I don't know; the world is going to end in a year."
  • Guitarist Anand Wilder told Drowned In Sound: "'Mondegreen' was a song that Chris made a long time ago and I laid some guitar over it. I really liked the lyrics, about a guy so paranoid he can't even leave his house. We had a kind of cheap horn riff and then we recorded some real ones but were happier with the crappy synths ones we'd used. And I really liked the outro, using computers to slow everything down, like it was falling into this K-Hole."


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