by YG (featuring Nipsey Hussle)

Album: Still Brazy (2016)
Charted: 110
  • The song title stands for "F--- Donald Trump" and was recorded by YG and Nipsey Hussle when the divisive billionaire was running for the presidency, YG told MTV News.

    "The goal [of that song] was to wake mother---ers up and get the youth involved in what's going on out here. Be proactive and not reactive. Make the youth get involved, make people wise up, step up and speak for the culture, and use our platform. Ain't nobody doing something like that in the rap game today. That s--t weak. Ain't no way I should have been the first one to say something about the Trump s--t."
  • The anti-Donald anthem allegedly ended up earning YG and Nipsey Hussle scrutiny from the Secret Service. According to YG, they threatened to pull Still Brazy off the shelves if he didn't censor his lyrics. He said:

    "The Secret Service hollerin' at the label, they askin' to see the lyrics on the album, see if I'm talkin' about [Donald Trump] on my album. 'Cause if I talk about him on my album, they're gonna try to take it of the shelves, you feel me?"
  • The track was produced by former DJ Mustard collaborator DJ Swish. He told Genius:

    '"FDT' was another track I had produced beforehand. One night before we went to Ace of Diamonds, YG was like, 'Aye, Swish I did a song to that one beat, it's called "F--k Donald Trump.'" In my head I was like, 'Okay this is probably a song that he's doing for fun.' I never thought this song would be popular but it fits well with the times. It's kinda like how NWA came out with 'F--k the Police.'"
  • Though the song was originally released on March 30, 2016 in the early days of the presidential race, YG's message became more popular after the people of United States voted for a Trump administration. The track quickly became a protest anthem as people demonstrated against the divisive politician's electoral victory.
  • Trump's racist rhetoric has caused him to be heavily criticized by many in the hip hop community. However this has not always been the case, as both Mac Miller and Rae Sremmurd have in the past paid lyrical tribute to the infamous entrepreneur.
  • The song is a staple of YG's live show. The Compton rapper once forfeited a $60,000 paycheck by breaking a signed contract that promised he wouldn't play "FDT" during a performance at San Diego State University.
  • The track was originally recorded for a joint album by YG and Nipsey Hussle.

    "'FDT' was for the YG and Nip Hussle album, and you heard how crazy that s--t came out?" Nipsey told Billboard. "He put that on the album and was like, 'F--k that, I'm done.' And I understand that. Those sessions were sessions for the collab project. We went into Mustard's studio every day. Young Thug came through. A lot of songs that wound up on different projects happened in there."


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