Sorry Momma
by YG

Album: My Krazy Life (2014)
  • My Krazy Life finds YG rapping about his gang affiliations and the six months he spent in jail for burglary. He ends the album with this apologetic ode to his mother that features a gospel-like chorus sung by Ty Dolla Sign, who he's worked with since his breakthrough single, "Toot it and Boot it."

    YG told The Boombox about working with his pal. "We been in the studio since 2008, smoking this weed, chilling, crackin' little jokes, and we just go in," he said. "Sometimes during the studio sessions that's when bitches come through, but when we were working on the album we was up in Atlanta. I moved to Atlanta for the summer, so Ty would fly in for a week and we'd do music."


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