Room To Breathe

Album: Cavalier Youth (2014)
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  • Guitarist Max Helyer first played the riff to Josh Franceschi while on the Warped Tour in 2012. The You Me At Six vocalist told Kerrang! magazine: "I remember thinking, 'That's exactly what I want on this album.' We collectively wanted Max and Chris to come up with riffs that were more anthemic."
  • Franceschi said regarding the song's meaning: "Lyrically this is one of the only negative songs. I felt very claustrophobic at that time in my life. Sometimes as an individual, you need to give yourself room to breathe, and to find some answers and clarity."
  • Other songs where the protagonist needs room to breathe include:

    "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park. ("Everything you say to me. Takes me one step closer to the edge. And I'm about to break. I need a little room to breathe 'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge.")

    "Language" by Porter Robinson. ("Give me release. Let the waves of time and space surround me. Yeah Cause I need room to breathe. Let me float back to the place you found me. I'll be okay.")

    "Elephant" by Alexandra Burke. ("And it's crushing me, there's no room to breathe. Got me backed against the wall, like that. And I just can't see, 'cause it's blinding me. Coming closer, I can't relax.")
  • Franceschi told Billboard magazine: "The song was written at a confusing time, and I felt we/I just needed a fresh start musically. New people entered my life around that time and changed my whole perspective on music and reignited my love for it."
  • The Tom Welsh directed video features the group onstage and off it. According to Billboard, the clip was shot across 48 shows around the world.


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