Station to Station

Album: Station to Station (1976)
  • On the back cover of the Station to Station reissue, there is a photo of Bowie drawing the Tree of Life, a Kabbalah symbol with 10 spheres, each representing a key spiritual principle.

    Kether is the sphere at the top of the tree, representing the crown of the divine. The bottom sphere is Malkuth, which represents the physical world (the kingdom).

    Bowie references this in the title track when he sings, "Here we are, one magical movement from kether to malkuth."

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  • Aife from LondonI think they meant it's the only song that refers to the Thin White Duke. There are also songs for Aladdin Sane , and Diamond Dogs , if you count that as a character
    And I believe it's European Canon , one n , meaning body of work
    The lyrics are quite oblique but one of his best songs I think
  • Scott Glazbrook from AustraliaIt is not the only song that names a character, Ziggy
  • Garry S from Manahawkin, NjWhat is a European Cannon?
  • Cliff from Oakdale, NyBowie opened his Jones Beach Theater Concert at Zach's Bay a few years ago with this one. He used an unbelivable video in the background of trains rushing to each other along with a great light show, it was spectacular!!!
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