How You Remind Me

Album: Silver Side Up (2001)
Charted: 4 1
  • The last skit of the March 10, 2018 episode of Saturday Night Live was centered on the Nickelback song "How You Remind Me," with a woman on her deathbed reciting the lyrics as her last words. We learn that was fatally injured in a Nickelback mosh pit, and had seen the band 56 times.

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  • Amber from AlabamaI love this song. I grew up with this song.
  • Michael from Las Cruces, NmGreat band, Great song. This is basically how I feel about my ex and my new (potential) girlfriend.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis is a great song! I love it. I love Nickelback, I don't care what people think.
  • Erik from Brownwood, Txi agree... i like the long road the best but the new stuff is just not their style...i heard a rumor that nickelback uses a computer program to see if their melody is appealing to the human ear? any one hear this?
  • Randy from Rio De Janeiro, -This song has some pretty good lyrics: These five words in my head, scream "Are we having fun yet?", so much anger and power there, and something that most people instantly relate to.
  • Phil from High Wycombe, United KingdomMost played song in 2002 I think. I agree, Silver Side Up was musical genius, later stuff is still good, but Silver Side Up is their best work in my opinion.
  • Austin from Smallsville, NeNickelback used to be good. Silver side up was a great album. But there new stuff is too popish.
  • Gabreya from Pine Bluff, AkThis is like one of the top best rock songs I've ever heard. And it's one Nickelback's best songs! At least this song talks about how he's moving on and all the crap she has put him through had taken its toll on him. It's a confident song. The end kind of sounded a little wierd with those synthesizers but it was cool.
  • Addison from Alberta, CanadaI think this song is about a guy who changed his life alot, and then found a girl who seemed perfect for him, but the girl keeps criticizing him. (I hope this is the right spelling, I'm disleksic) And he's disappointed (Handin' you a heart worth breakin') because he really loves her, but she thinks he is fony.
    Sorry agen for spelling
  • Robert from Cadillac, MiTony, hopefully in the real world your ability to spell will make up for your lack of taste in music. But we'll call a truce anyway especally since you're also apparently reading challenged as well. If it wern't so, you would have read that the comment was made by me(Rob) not by Kara. And besides anyone can make a typo. Nickelback isn't a guitar driven band. They are lyrically driven band which means that they write "music" that goes with the "lyrics" It is not the number of chourds and catchy riffs you use in a song, its how you use them in the song in correspondence with lyrics. You can use as many of those as you want but if they dont go with the lyrics, it kinda defeats the whole perpous of writing a song dont you think?
  • Ryan from Marion, IaThere's a website that plays this song at the same time as "Someday", and the music lines up almost exactly. Quite embarrassing on Nickelback's part.
  • Rhys from Newport, Walesright people who wanna comment bad things about this song you sad people do you have a life? its a amazing song and nickelback are one of the best bands out.
  • Liquid Len from Ottawa, CanadaNickleback just makes me cry reminding me of old music how rockin' it was and now bands can make horrible pieces of garbage like this and people actually buy it! I don't see how this is 'talent' - any 15 year old could do the same. The lyrics are ok I guess but the music is so whiny and MONOTONOUS - just the same 4 chords over and over and over and over. Didn't we all know someone in high school who could write songs that sounded just like this?
  • Tony from Topeka, KsLet's stop kidding ourselves, huh? This band sucks. Oh, and Kara, I found it amusing that you wrote about people not spelling correctly... and misspelled "derogatory" in the same sentence.
  • Graham from North Bay, CanadaThis was actually the 3rd Canadian single to hit #1 in the US. As "One Week" by The Barenaked Ladies accomplished that feat in 1998 as well.
  • Hope from Florence, MtThis band does not suck, Adrian! They are great! I love this song. It's very good. I've never heard Sum 41 sing it. I like Sum 41 though, so I bet that version is good too.
  • Kara from Cadillac, MiWho are you people? It's interesting that the ones with the most derrogatory statements can't even spell correctly! And have no idea what this song is about. By the way- The State was NOT the first Nickelback album, The Curb was. Doubt you've ever heard it- in fact, have you heard this one? How You Remind Me is an awesome song. Lyrically and musically. The song is obviously about how she uses and abuses him and in doing so tempts his darker side- hence the cycle of issues that ensues. Are we having fun yet? Before you criticize it- try to get it. Rob.
  • Graham from Glasgow, ScotlandI think Nickelback sadly fit in to the genre of being just another depressing grunge band with monotonous monotone vocals. This song typifies them in that its depressing. I hate bands that use rock n roll to get a point across or sing about boring political/social issues. Rock n Roll is meant to be fun not depressing. I listen to the vocals and then compare it to someone like the late Bon Scott (AC/DC). There was a real rock n roll singer who sang about ?fun? instead of some morose social issue.
  • Joe from Berkeley Heights, Nj"i think he's saying he's tried living every way and it's never worked out...sounds like a song of utter depression and hopelessness to me"

    Sounds more like he's angry at a woman to me. She took advantage of him and didn't love him and he finally realized it. "Livin' with me must have damn near killed you" meant that the guilt must have been ridiculous for her, living with him when she was just using him.
  • Alison from Kill Devil Hills, Ncnickelback kicks ass!!!!i cant wait to see them again!
  • Paul from Galway, IrelandIt's about Chad Croeger(the lead singer)'s girlfriend. When she heard the song she was onlivious to the fact that it was about her.......women
  • Hailey from New York, Nynickelback rocks!!
  • Kelsi from Ionia, MiThis song is the best ever besides photograph. This song made me a better person because i changed so many peoples lives because of dumb things i did. I have more and better friends cuz this song!!!!!
  • Morgan from New York, NyThis song has changed my life forever!!Ever since I was 18 and graduating high school!!I love nickelback !!!
  • Rebecca from Clayton, Gai think he's saying he's tried living every way and it's never worked out...sounds like a song of utter depression and hopelessness to me
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhI wish I could sound like a wussy, whiny, pseudo-rock band? That makes a ton of sense. I am on this link because I have heard this song, and have to find some outlet for my anger. I can't fathom how people smart enough to read and write like this song, or that this turd was made in the first place. This song sucks. When you turn thirty and look back, you'll see this song sucks.
  • Casie from Denver, CoNickelback just makes me cry reminding me of my old life how great it was and now i have a really bad life. Well this is one of the songs,what he means is that his life is really bad,he acts like someone he is not but when he is with her it hurts so bad beeing with her but he acts like he is and when he thinks of her it reminds him who he really is.
  • Matt from Millbrae, Canickelback has got to be one of the best present-day bands out there. Not that that's saying much, but they're a hell of a lot better than good charlotte and simple plan and all that other pop rock garbage.
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, AlThis band suck
  • Vicky from Someplace Special, Txi love this song and nickelback!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!
  • Benjamin from Brooklyn, Nyhow you remind of what i really am
    about a woman that she makes him realize who is is, that he the type of person say, to care when she doesn't say sorry, and that the things she does bother him, thats why he was mistaken by handing her a heart worth breakin....
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandThis song was covered by sum41, i think it was performed during a new-years eve gig.
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