Know Your Enemy

Album: Rage Against The Machine (1992)
  • The album cover for Rage Against The Machine shows a Buddhist monk immolating himself, which is a very extreme form of protest.

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  • Jorge from Bronx, NyRock n Roll has been labeled Rebellious,and Heavy Metal Anti Christ,but who cares,they speak the truth,that's the bottomline!
  • Jared from Nampa, IdBoth pickups are run through the killswitch on Tom's guitar. He has a volume for each pickup and an overall tone. The switch is ON/OFF/ON.
  • Wouter from Hilversum, NetherlandsActually, Tom has a special 'button' for it on his guitar, a so called killswitch. You can also get the effect by 'muting' one pickup like Nick said.
  • Sean from Melbourne, AustraliaVery nice solo , love it! great song!
  • Nick from , Scotlandfor the intro Tom puts one pickup on 10 and the other on 0, and uses the pickup selector like as a kill switch. He then changes pickup quickly to give the cool effect
  • Valerie from Brooklyn , Nyi knew that that the lead singer had a part in this song! ^_^ i seriously love this song.
  • Anon. from Twin Cities, MnFYI, in the US, Rage Against the Machine is referred to both as Rage and RATM. Go search wikipedia, both bands (RATM and the German band Rage) are listed under "Rage".
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesDave NY - You've seen RAGE play this live? I doubt it, it's not their style. Rage were a critically acclaimed rock band of the 1980s who scored a transatlantic hit in 1992 with a electo version of Bryan Adams' "Run To You". Nothing to do with Rage Against the Machine, who are normally referred to by the abbreviation RATM in the UK so as not to cause confusion with the band Rage.
  • Oskar from Bilbao, SpainRock n Roll should be like this: a cry against the SYSTEM!
  • Dave from New York, Nyi've seen rage play this live with MJK singin his fruckin weird haha...he stands there with his hands folded the whole song and he doesnt move...then he just sings his part and goes back to standing good you not jump around lie crazy being on stage with Zack? I'd drop dead before i just stood there
  • Anthony from Sydney, AustraliaA great song about knowing who is youe friend and enemy I.E polotitions = enemy
  • Khalifa from Reading, Englandthumpin bass, makes you wanna mosh.
  • Gideon from Wells, EnglandThis song just shows how good rages bass player was just listen to the bass! it rocks! you might have to pardon the odd swear word but this song deserves to be played very loud!!
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