Here Without You

Album: Away From The Sun (2002)
Charted: 5
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  • A hundred days have made me older
    Since the last time that I saw your pretty face.
    A thousand lies have made me colder
    And I don't think I can look at this the same.
    All the miles that separate
    Disappear now when I'm dreamin' of your face.

    I'm here without you baby
    But you're still on my lonely mind.
    I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time.
    I'm here without you baby
    But you're still with me in my dreams
    And tonight girl, it's only you and me.

    The miles just keep rollin'
    As the people leave their way to say hello
    I've heard this life is overrated
    But I hope that it gets better as we go.

    I'm here without you baby
    But you're still on my lonely mind.
    I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time.
    I'm here without you baby
    But you're still with me in my dreams
    And tonight, it's only you and me.

    Everything I know, and anywhere I go,
    It gets hard but it won't take away my love.
    And when the last one falls, when its all said and done.
    It gets hard but it won't take away my love.

    I'm here without you baby
    But you're still on my lonely mind.
    I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time.
    I'm here without you baby
    But you're still with me in my dreams
    And tonight, it's only you and me.

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  • Michele Barkley Blech from Corpus Christi, TexasOn September 2nd of 2020 I lost my husband of almost 17 years. I play your live in Huston cd , Here without you is so powerful and I feel exactly the way your song says. Everytime I hear it I feel closer to my husband I know he’s never coming back and the hurt is sometimes so unbelievable I just want to be with him I love and miss him so much You have brought him a little bit back to me with this song so THANK YOU SO MUCH. You guys are so talented and God Bless you cuz you helped me cuz I’m still hear.(without him)If you can I live in Corpus Christi I would love to see you sing HERE WITH OUT YOU I CRY EVERYTIME BUT HAPPY TEARS NOT SAD. I GET IT ALOT MAY NOT BUT I GET. THANK YOU , FOR MY LOVE SHANE Blech(my husband, friend, my world)
  • Nancy from Roswell, GeorgiaMy cousin, William Kelly Clark, Jr., "Billy", wrote "Here Without You" about his daughter. He played it on his accoustic guitar for his "friends" in Escatawpa and was being secretly recorded. He did not copyright it. The rest is history.
  • K from JacksonMy younger brother died about 6 months after this song became a hit. I totally put that meaning to this song, that his love had died by a couple lines...' I've heard this life is over-rated, but I hope that it gets better AS WE GO'....' the people leave and WAIT TO SAY HELLO' (funeral)'...'you're still with me in my dreams' kinda glad this wasn't written with that meaning but I can totally see why it can be perceived differently.
  • Sunny from MarionWhen you listen to songs listen to the words because the words are beautiful.
  • Cal L from UsaThis song means so much to me because of the beautiful woman I met 10 years ago and fell deeply in love with. Though she only lived 5 miles from me it seemed like 1000 because we both were in loveless marriages and had no way to get out due to our home obligations. Our affair lasted almost 5 years & this song was truly ours & even now when I hear it. I go back to our time together & wish things could have been so different. I still love you Priss or my sweet DZ, forever, Cally
  • Stephanie Venturo from Everett Wa My nephew who was a Navy Seal Justin Venturo is the author of this song and has never been given the credit for it ...time to stop taking away more than benefits from our military.
  • Angel from Parker , Azthis song reminded me of my bf at the time....
  • Prvt. Angels from Morpeth, United KingdomI am geeting shipped off the Harragot Army college in 4 months, i finally asked out the girl of my dreams, we had liked each other for 6 years and never told each other. it was 6 years of pain and torture for both of after only being with her for 2 month i can't stop listening to this this. i finally get the girl i've always wanted and i can't even get to spend my life her. i have to wait to see her. i almost either cry or almost cry everytime i listen to this coz i think of her
  • Gary from Sdacramento, CaThe first time I heard this song it was at my friends wedding. He had gotten back from a year long deployment in Afghanistan a couple months before the wedding, so when I hear it I always think its coming from a soldier on deployment missing his significant other at home in the States.
  • Joel from Princeton-plainsboro, NjI think nearly everybody can relate. I know I can. This song would have been perfect for seasons four and five of House or practically any episode of Grey's Anatomy.
  • Thomas from Degraff, OhI love this song. When I hear this song i always think of my girlfriend. When I'm with her, I'm the happiest man in the world but when I'm away from her, my heart aches. I always think about her at night and dream about her in my sleep. I mostly worry about her. She's had a rough past and has gotten into some stuff she shouldnt have gotten into. She's always on my mind and I'll always care about her because nobody else has ever given a s--t about her.
  • Terrin from Mishawaka, Inthis song is one of the best and can make me cry it reminds me of my uncle karl who died 2008 he lung cancer, we listened to this song together and this was the first song i heard after the last time i would see him alive
  • Mathew from Conyers, GaThis song everytime i hear it i get sad. it remindes me of my first love..the mother of my daughter..i was living in ohio and she was in GA. only thing i had to remeber her by was my dreams. It upsets me still today knowing i lost her and no way to win her back.
  • Dan from Toronto, OnThis song always brings back memories. My High school sweetheart and I started dating at 16 and broke up a month after we started. 100 day after we broke up at midnight this song came on the radio and I got extremely choked up since we always listened to this CD together in my car. We got back together the next day and dated for just over 3 1/2 years. We ended things again since we were on separate paths. Ironically 100 day after we broke up this song was playing on the radio at the exact time we broke up (I know the time cause it was the first call I got on my new cell) Sadly we haven't spoken since but I always think of her when I hear this song. I guess the songs charm only gave us a second chance not a third :(
  • Aaron from Houston, Txthis song is something we can all relate to i dont care who you are. Everyone loves someone and has to be without them from time to time.. thats why its so appealing.. Kudos 3 doors down
  • Aaron from Houston, TxHolly you are correct. Brad Arnold said "he was on the road alot and he wrote this when he was just missing his baby (wife)"
  • Kacee from Milwaukee, WiThis song reminds me of my boyfriend thati s deployed... he has been gone for quite a while and i miss him so much, it just fits the situation. THIS IS A VERY GOOD SONG
  • Stafler from Durban, South AfricaIt takes me back to November of 2005, when Eddie Guerero PASSED AWAY. That was when it first caught my attention. it makes me feel like crying for losing my girlfriend.
  • John from Henrico, VaI very much love this song since I first heard it on the Away From The Sun CD I bought 20 months ago. The melody, emotion, immense power, Brad's voice, just everything in this song knocked me to my core. It reminded me of how I have lost loved ones in my life starting with my grandma in 1998 and then just recently my father. Even though they will always be with me in spirit doesn't hide the reality that I'm still here but without them. Awesome song.
  • Mick from Rome, Nythis song reminds me of my ex... i was coming out of a bad relationship when we started dating (i thought i was over the first one, but i guess i wasnt) anyways i ended up leaving her so i know i wouldnt end up cheating on her, or leaving her for anyone else (this was out of paranoia in a way)... well 2 years have gone by (and she claims to have always wanted me back, day in, day out) and now me and her are on the verge of getting back together, if she chooses to...ik i was wrong but she has forgiven me for what ive done but now i realize that i really love her and that it just took me some time to look at it and find my own problems
  • Anthony from Delran, Njthis song reminds me of me and my girlfriend... recently she fell and hit her head and now she is suffering from amnesia and she has no idea who i am... or who anyone is.. i im here without her and it suckss
  • Anthony from Cape May, NjGreat song, this song has a lot of meaning to me towards my ex-girlfriend..It is a constant reminder though of my struggles to continue loving her
  • Mitchell from Adelaide, AustraliaI wish I had somebody to miss when they died other than family :(
  • Kendall from Somehwere, FlThis song reminds me og my ex.i miss him so much.
  • Nicholas from Buffalo, Nyive been with my fiance the love of my life,for 14 months now.throughout our 14 month relationship weve seen each other for maybe 2 months.everytime i see her and have to say goodbye, i feel more pain than any other person should ever have to endure.When i deployed to iraq she was right there with me saying goodbye. as our bus drove away to the airfield i looked back and saw her beautiful yet sad face wet with tears disapear off into the distance.i opened up the window looked back one last time and yelled i love you. on the plane ride over here and ever since ive thought about the last time i saw her and this song describes that here without you baby but i love you and im coming home soon.
  • Megan from Madison, NcI absolutley love this song.... this is one of the songs my boyfriend sent me on a CD when we broke up in 2003, 4 years later and were back together....
    To me its about a cpl being together and he misses her so much bc she was selfish and broke his heart. All he can dream and think about is her. And loves her dearly... wishing for her to be back into his arms one day!
  • Erik from Brownwood , TxI can understand the pain of losing someone you care for. I lost my father when I was 8 and I just felt so much pain and anger. I hated the world. then I started to care for my girlfriend and she is gone only for like 9 days but we have never been apart this long and I feel so much. I just miss her. If she ever died i would just go crazy.
  • Bambi from Syracuse, NyThis song always meant a lot to me and to my adopted daughter. She was the only one allowed to know that I too, had fallen for a 'bad boy' and though I loved him more than life itself, I knew that he wasn't right for me. I told her this to help her understand that she was making the right decision when she left her boyfriend of two years. The boy that I had loved in my younger years was in the service and this song became popular when he was overseas. Then when he returned he met a girl, because I had met a boy, and his girl forbid him from speaking to me. Five years later, after marrying my boy, my long lost love left a message on my answering machine. He had left his wife a year ago and had been working up the courage for a year to call me, but was afraid I hated him. He had been my best friend before, during, and after our romantic involvment, so I could not hate him. When he showed up for the first time I hugged him under the watchful eye of my husband and realized that I had fallen in love with him all over again. So now this song is for him all over again. AH, I'll never be able to have you, but I'll always wish I could.
  • Heather from Boston, Mai belive this song is all about being in the military, if you listen to other songs on their album, alot of them of military refrences. <3
  • John from Gaithersburg, Mdan add to my last comment, you know its about the band being on tour and away from loved ones because of the line "100 days have made me older since the last time I saw your pretty face". A bands tour is roughly 3 months long give or take and 100 days is just over 3 months.
  • John from Gaithersburg, MdIf anyone has ever seen the video for this song it depicts the band on tour away from there loved ones!!!!!! Thats what the son g is about plain and simple.
  • Rick from Baltimore, MdIt's probably about a band member on tour. The lyrics 'when the last one falls' is a popular phrase used by performers referring to a curtain. The beginning implies she's alive. For me, it means a lot of sleepless nights. Ya see, I somehow managed to totally fall for a girl a whole lot younger than me. By the way, she's absolutely the prettiest girl I've ever seen in my life-and smart-and funny-and silly...I tried so hard to hide my feelings(bad job of it!)I gave her the wrong impression. I can't even be myself half the time. I get within 5ft of her and my heart starts racing. She looks at me and I melt. As of the past 4 months I no longer see her every day and I still can't get over it. I think about her constantly-all day and night. I sit up hoping she'll send me a text msg. I even change some of the lyrics when I sing to fit my situation. Yeah, I overplay the song. We've never even dated and I'm in love, and it would seem nothing's gonna take it away. "When the last one falls. Until you realize I'm the one..."
  • Dennis from Bacolod, OtherFor me this song is actually a story of a guy who is away from his girl. Finding out lots of stories and lies hurt him so much. He is like a bird with a broken wing. But he can't take away his love for her... And every night and every moment that he is away, she is alway in his mind and heart. For no matter what happens, he will love her for the rest of his life.
  • Anthony from Hyderabad, IndiaThis song reminds me of my dad whom i lost when i was 4 yr's old, he died of brain tumor.i was not so matured and whenever i listen to this song i remember of my girl who is in love with someone else. i break into tears whenever i listen to this song, coz i remember both of them....
  • Stacy from Evansville, InThe song is obviously speaking of a romantic kind of love but it always makes me think of my dad. This song was newish around the time he died and I never paid attention to it, but was in a car less than 2 weeks after he died, it was raining and depressing and this song came on and i started bawling. I realized how much I will miss him and wouldn't be the same. So now I think of my dad every time.
  • Anonymous from Pasedena, Cathis song means alot to me i lie this girl and then she likes someone else. we were really good friends for a long time. then after new year she likes someone else. i turned sad and started to think about my life. then all i can think about is her. all i want to do is be with her
  • Lori from San Diego, CaThis song reminds me of my son, Andrew, who passed away Jan 5, 2007. Though he sings about a girl, the meaning of it is beautiful. It seems like everyone has their own meanings of this song and thats cool.
  • Natasha from Searcy , Arthis is a really good song. it reminds me of what i am going through right now. so this song is for andrew ferry. baby i am sorry for everything that is goiin on
  • Devin from Guy, Arthis song reminds me of my very first girlfriend. we were dating for six years when she passed away in a car wreck with a drunk driver.
  • Shannon Mulvany from Spokane, Wai used to dislike this song because it was played so much on the radio but then i heard it again one day and CRIED. i love this song, it's just AMAZING.
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjThis song is so good. when i was 5, a very good friend of mine passed awa from cancer. this song reminds me of hm. I love it!
  • Melissa from Ft Lewis, WaThis was "our" song when my husband deployed to Iraq. The other wives in my FRG group heard it & knew it was our song & said it made so much sense & got to the heart of how it felt to be away from your spouse during war time.
  • Pwincess Kafy from Queenstown, NjOmg I love this song, it was me and my now ex boyfriends song, although it makes me cry now when I hear it, i still really love it
  • Rhea from Hyderabad, IndiaI totally love this song. I heard it once on the radio and then downloaded it on my computer. It didn't have much meaning for me ... but recently it has. There's this fellow I have a huge crush on. And...cuz his friends tease me of being very good friends with me, he hardly speaks to me anymore. That hurt me a lot. And not only that, he tells me his crushes and all and apparently this particular song reminds him of the girl he is in love with. have no idea how much that hurt. Here I am...falling in love with him and there HE is...telling me about his love for another girl. Anyways, this song reminds me of him and our friendship which doesn't exist anymore...
  • Brionne from Logan, UtBack when I and my husband were engaged, he referred to this song on the nights we were apart (which were many, as we lived in different places). Then, almost 2 years after we were married, he passed away unexpectedly, and this song has taken on new meaning for me. I think it really captures the emotions of loving someone who can't be with you.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoOne of the band's better songs I suppose!
  • Ryan from Pasig, OtherI first heard this on WWE. When they started playing it, clips from eddie's life started to play. Just listening to the lyrics, It really fits to great man like Eddie Guerrero. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!
  • Zac from Greensboro, NcThis song should be held dear by everyone who is miising a service man or woman that is or has been away. Take it from an ex-service man thats been there. bless 3 Doors Down for all of there support to the servic especially the Navy!
  • Vance from Newcastle, Australiai just think its a great song!!!!!
  • Mish from Sydney, Australiathis song is amazing! it brings me relief yet makes me so sad because it reminds me of the love of my life who lives all the way in scotland. "But all the miles had separate, they disappear now when I?m dreaming of your face..." that is awesome lyrics
  • Mish from Sydney, Australiathis song brings me so much relief yet makes me so sad... it reminds me of the love of my life who lives in scotland... sigh... "But all the miles had separate, they disappear now when I?m dreaming of your face..." thats awesome lyrics!
  • Adam from Manchester, Englandfirst heard this when the WWE played it during a tribute video to Eddie Guerrero who passed away on Sunday 13th. fitting song for a great man.
  • Amanda from Dover, PaThe WWE recently used this song for a tribute video to wrestler Eddie Gurerro
  • Kassie from Sydney, AustraliaMy fiancee is in the Army and is away allot. It blows me away how much this song reminds me of him, and how much it just speaks to us. We're having it as our bridal waltz at our wedding. It's such a beautiful song. 10 / 10 to 3 Doors Down!
  • Alicia from Stonefort, IlI love this song. I agree with Holly... that it's about a band away from their family and loved ones, however it could very easily be interpreted as the woman being deceased. Either way it is a great song, and, personally, one of my best memories.
  • Morgan from New York, NyThis song reminds me of my husband who is in war!!!I hear this song and cry!!
  • Jacob from Houston, TxI LOVE this song! Everytime I here it on the radio or on Music Choice I have 2 turn it up full blast b/c it makes me think of my GF Amber everytime....
  • Michelle from Sydney, AustraliaPat, you're so right about the military comment. The first time I ever heard this song was when my fiancee played it to me over the phone from Iraq. It made me cry so hard. Every time I heard it, although it made me cry, it some how comforted me. He's home safely now *thank you God* but I still remember how it felt to be away from him.
    On Ya Three Doors Down
  • Lucia from New York, United Statesi really like this song ,but it hasn't make me cry ever.
  • Lynz from Ontario, CanadaSamantha, I soo know what you are talking about. My ex bf's mother and sister hated me and I think they just sort of got to him and he broke up with me (with other excuses of course!). Anyways after we broke up, he sent me this song and told me to listen to it. It's been over 2 months and whenever I hear it, it makes me cry, however I've got mixed interpretations of the song because I originally thought that the guy missed his ex gf and wanted her back, but then I saw the music video and thought that maybe it was because he was on the road so much and he wasn't able to see the one that he loved. Anyways, still an incredibly sad song and it makes me cry.
  • Madeline from Melbourne, AustraliaWhen i first heard this i thought it was Matchbox 20, its such a good song. I reckon its about missing the important people in there lives
  • Kelsi from Mazon, IlI think this song might be about a traveling singer who misses his girl.And he thinks about her so much that he dreams about her every night. And it is like they are in a fantasy world of just him and her.
  • Samantha from Cedar Rapids, Iathis was mine and my ex-boyfriends song.he lived like almost an hour away, and neither of us could drive yet. it described our relationship perfectly. no matter the distance,we still loved each other and missed each other so much that we thought about each other all the time and saw each other in our dreams. And ever time we heard it, we'd always think of each other. That was almost 2 years ago, and everytime I hear it, it hurts because his parents forced us to break up and I miss him so much. its a great song for LDRs, but once its over, it hurts.
  • Yvette from Knoxville, United StatesMy friend and I drive truck for a living and he may be on one side of the states and I am on the other..and we miss hanging out and just enjoy the fun things in life...and so when it comes on. i just have to play it loud and over and over....
  • Gabby from Greenwich, NcThis song is me and my boyfreind's song because when he's home alone he's not with me. So he's without me.
  • Bec from Grafton, Australiathis song is mine and my boyfriends song beacuse he lives in a different state and we love each other but we miss each other so much and we see each other in our dreams and we trust each other and"im here without him" and every night he rings me n he plays this song and says this is our song
  • Shong from Wausau, Wiit's so's about the guy wanting the girl back...and he's there without her...and all he can do is dream and think about her all the time...peace out
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaI love this song, it always makes me want to cry! But its so, 3 Doors best i think.
  • Julie from Saginaw , MiFor me this song is about "My Love." He lives a state away from me, and until I finish medical school...we are apart. The days I'm away from my love, it ages me. All the miles that seperate us, they all disappear whem im dreaming of his face. I'm here without him, but he's still on my lonely mind. I dream about my baby, he meets me in my dreams and in that moment its only my baby and I. For us this song shares how we both feel. He calls this.."Our song" It's amazing how many people find different meaning in this wonderful song, for us it tells the story of our love, and reminds us both that we share the same feelings...and it helps keep us strong.
    -Jewels,Saginaw, MI
  • Tammia from Birminham, Alwhen I hear this song I think about this guy that I'm really in love with. He is away at collge but he stays on my mind and I dream about him all the time.... I LOVE THIS SONG
  • Serita from Leesburg, VaI always thought that it was about the band being away from their families (wives). That's what the video implies too.
  • Gabe from Utica, NyThis song is one of the greatest slow songs ever! Whenever I listen to this song I think of my first friend and how much I still love her. But, the radio is this song and "When I'm Gone". This is anothet one of those bands who know how people feel and write beautiful songs expressing those feelings. I love this song.
  • Jacquelyn from Roseville, CaI relate this song to me and my boyfriend who is incarcerated at the moment... we can't see each other, as we'd like to... but, at night we can see each other in our dreams! No one can take that away from us, either! It's OURS!!! (You know?) It's such a perfect song! It hella makes me cry... can't help it! "I'm Here w/o you, Baby... But, you're still on my LONELY mind..." I love it, love it, love it!!! They're AWESOME!
  • Glenn from Mildenhall, EnglandI use this song when I am away from my family. The good thing about good music is that everyone is right. It means whatever you want it to mean. However you receive the song, just keep that.
  • Evan from Acworh, GaI think there is seriously a HUGE amount of interpretations that could come out of this song and that you're all right. I think that one point he makes is that absence makes the heart grow fonder...meaning the more he's away from the girl he loves the more he is consumed with his longing to see her again.
  • Taylor from Pville, OhI agree with all of these. But basically i think its about someone being away in any shape or form whether it be death, military, roadtrips, couples seperated by one going to college. Anything about seperation. I love this song.. It reminds me of my boyfriend going away to college.
  • Jackie from ...., MaThis is was written by a roadie for his wife or girlfriend or whatever and the band used it.
  • Pat from Tampa, Fli think you are all wrong. the whole album says alot about being away. i think there is more of a military meaning than anything. throughout the whole album made me believe he might have been in the military and knows were they come from
  • Lakisha from Miramar, FlI agree with Holly too! And I just love this song it's me favorite and I dedicate it to everyone!
  • Holly from Pensacola, FlI disagree with Sarah on what the song is about....I think it's about the band being on tour and away from their families and loved ones. It's like a dedication to them.
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