Album: Mer de Noms (2000)
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  • My reflection
    Wraps and pulls me under
    Healing waters to be
    Bathed in Breña

    Guides me
    Safely in
    Worlds I've never been to
    Heal me
    Heal me
    My dear Breña

    So vulnerable
    It's alright

    Heal me
    Heal me
    My dear Breña

    Show me lonely and
    Show me openings
    To lead me closer to you
    My dear Breña

    It's alright

    Opening to
    Opening to

    Heal Writer/s: Billy Howerdel, Maynard James Keenan
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Seanull from SpainAlso, breña is a spanish word that means scrubland or more precisely, a rocky and scrubby landscape
  • Lawrence Of A Labia from Ottawa,on, CanadaSooo...just floatin' this out there but: at concerts that I've been-to, MJK would always announce, just before they played this song, that "This song is about anal sex"...

    He IS known to be tricky 'n slick 'n hard-to-pin-down on serious questions

    For What That's Worth...
  • Brena from WashingtonI was actually named after this song, it's so cool to know that he wrote it about his fiance!
  • Aldrin from Manila, Philippinesa sweet love song for her fiance...with a touch of A Perfect Circle riffs
  • Dan from Boston, MaBrena is his wifes middle name, Brenya (how its pronounced) is a mystical place of healing.
  • Stephanie from Grants Pass, OrIt's obvious he MJK wrote the song about his fiance Jennifer Breña Ferguson. As for what he means by it can be seen as either a need for her, to make him "whole" in a sense, to heal him, etc... but it also looks to be a message of his or her vulnerability. Maybe Maynard does have committment issues?
  • Patch from Bangor, MeIt is dedicated to his fiance. It's about how he relies on her to save him from himself. I also got the sense that he might manipulate his realationship with her for the sense of being close to her.
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