Love Hungry Man

Album: Highway To Hell (1979)
  • You're the one I've waited for
    I need your love
    More and more
    I don't know what your name is
    I don't know what your game is
    I wanna take you tonight
    Animal appetite
    'Cause I'm a love
    Hungry man
    Yeah I'm the love
    Hungry man

    Don't want no conversation
    I need sweet sensation
    All I wanna do
    Is make a meal outta you
    'Cause I'm a love
    Hungry man, I got to get what I can
    Hungry man, I tell you yes I am

    I'm your love
    Hungry man, oh baby you're such a treat
    And you know
    A mans got to eat
    You're the one I've waited for, oh yes you are
    I need your lovin' more and more, yeah I do
    'Cause I'm a love, love hungry man, oh yes I am
    I'm a love, love hungry man
    I'm a love, love hungry man
    I'm your love, love hungry man
    I'm a love, love hungry man
    I'm a love, love hungry man
    Gimme one for the road and I'll carry your load I'm your man
    Yes I am
    A man's got to eat, baby, bon appetite
    I'm your
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  • Eric from AzA man's got to eat, baby, bon appetit, I'm your...
  • Marissa from Stow, OhMaybe not AC/DC's best song... but I love these lyrics. They work perfectly with a story I just wrote about two college freshmen who fall in love after discovering they both have a passion for food. I happened to find this song while I was writing it and was overjoyed: AC/DC never lets me down!
  • Selina from Perth, AustraliaThis song originally sounded alot harder in the studio...AC/DC's commented on it, Ang n Mal, 'But it's not like the band have to like it or listen to it". It's not a bad song, nice bass line, but i do agree they've got better :)
    Rock On guys!
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