Shot Down In Flames

Album: Highway To Hell (1979)
  • (Yow! One, two)
    Out on the town, looking for a woman
    Gonna give me good love
    Anybody want to hang out with me?
    And maybe burn me up?
    She was standing alone over by the jukebox
    Like she's something to sell
    I said, baby what's the going price?
    She told me to go to hell

    Shot down in flames
    Shot down in flames
    Ain't it a shame
    To be shot down in flames

    Singles bar, got my eye on a honey
    Hanging out everywhere
    She might be straight
    She might want my money
    I really don't care, no

    Said, baby, you're driving me crazy
    Laid it out on the line
    When a guy with a chip on his shoulder said
    Toss off buddy she's mine

    Shot down in flames
    Shot down in flames
    Ain't it a shame, yea yeah
    To be shot down in flames

    Hey you Angus, shoot me, shoot
    That's nice, woo! Uh! Oh! Oh! Wooooh!

    Shot down in flames
    Shot down in flames
    Ain't it a shame
    To be shot down in flames


    Shot down in flames
    Shot down in flames
    Ain't it a shame
    To be shot down in flames

    I don't want to be in pain
    Don't want to be shot down in flames
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  • Nancy from Baltimore, MdI love the song and always will.
  • Joshua from La Crosse, WiFittingly enough, the NHL's Calgary Flames play this song's chorus (accompanied by a HUGE blast from a flamethrower suspended above the rink) whenever the team scores a goal during home games.
  • Selina from Perth, AustraliaAh the frustrations of tryin to pull some1...haha...great song, i love the slides throughout the solo- so great :)
    Dudes, this is to comment on a song, jeez...
    But in history of great music, AUSSIE, fffff, Australia, you're right...and Roman, Denver, CO, dont take it personally
    Rock On
  • Roman from Denver, CoHey Aussie...wear a hat, you're getting too much sun. Thanks for for broad stroke of your opinionated comment to apply to all "Yanks". Get help soon. I like to suggest Anger Management for starters.
  • Aussie from Fffff, AustraliaSheer brilliance. It took a celtic Aussie to bring out this "Chuck Berry on Steroids" sound. But then Americans are that stupid and racist it took the British to sell blues back to the USA. Hendrix could only get a start as a session muso before moving to the UK. Yanks would not know good music if it bit them on the a**. Even if they did create it. The USA treatment of Black fellas was disgraceful and Americans would not lower themselves to listen to the Blues until the Brits said it was good and then Americans loved them . This is fact, read and listen to the interviews from the likes of Chuck, Little Richard and Bo Didley. You people are a**s for treating them this way!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mark from London, EnglandA live versiopn was issued as one of two tracks on the B-side of the UK hit "Highway To Hell".
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