Dream On

Album: Aerosmith (1973)
Charted: 6
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  • Every time when I look in the mirror
    All these lines on my face getting clearer
    The past is gone
    It went by, like dusk to dawn
    Isn't that the way
    Everybody's got the dues in life to pay

    I know nobody knows
    Where it comes and where it goes
    I know it's everybody sin
    You got to lose to know how to win

    Half my life
    Is books, written pages
    Live and learn from fools and
    From sages
    You know it's true, oh
    All these feelings come back to you

    Sing with me, sing for the years
    Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
    Sing with me, just for today
    Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

    Yeah, sing with me, sing for the year
    Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
    Sing with me, just for today
    Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

    Dream on
    Dream on
    Dream on
    Dream until your dreams come true
    Dream on
    Dream on
    Dream on
    Dream until your dreams come true
    Dream on
    Dream on
    Dream on
    Dream on
    Dream on
    Dream on
    Dream on

    Sing with me, sing for the year
    Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
    Sing with me, just for today
    Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away
    Sing with me, sing for the year
    Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
    Sing with me, just for today
    Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away Writer/s: Steven Victor Tallarico
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
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  • Toadhouse5 from OhioA.A. Milne had a similar quote
  • Ps Doff from UsI might have appreciated Aerosmith more and sooner if when Steven Tyler was singing they had put up some sort of display with the lyrics on it. I've always liked the sound of the song but he mumbles so much that it was years before I saw what the actual words were .

    It's got a pretty thoughtful ly ric for something supposedly written when he was 14 years old.(Google).
  • Deb from Caledonia, MiIf what Wendy says is true....Do you still have that leftover 45 & did your boyfriend contact Aerosmith about “stealing” the song?
  • Bruce from San Jose, Calif.This is my perfect song to play loud in my car on my commute home after a long day at work....its like a slowly building primal scream therapy (smile)...

    I don’t care if people see me singing this out loud at the top of my lungs as I’m driving! (LOL —except I don’t have the vocal range that Tyler has!)
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn November 6th 1970, Aerosmith performed at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, Massachusetts; it was their first professional stage appearance...
    A little under three years later on October 24th, 1973 the group's debut record, "Dream On", entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #88...
    {See the next post below}.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn October 27th 1973, Mott the Hoople played the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts...
    During the calendar of 1973 the British quintet had one Hot Top 100 record, "One of the Boys"; it stayed on the chart for 1 week at position #96...
    The opening act was a local band named Aerosmith; at the time the quintet's debut chart record, "Dream On", was at #74 on the Top 100...
    Eventually "Dream On" would peak at #59, but three years later it would re-entered the Top 100 and on April 4th, 1976 it peaked at #6 {for 1 week}.
  • Cheryl from New York City NyI believe Wendy. Look at the lyrics. Steven Tyler was much too young to write from that perspective. It sounds like it came from someone (approaching) middle age but still in the game. Not a kid like Tyler was. What struck me as odd now makes perfect sense.
  • Sioraf from Macroon, IrelandYou've described it as his real voice but put real in quotation marks. If you don't believe in the idea of reality then don't describe something as real and then show that you don't believe in reality, it's hypocritical and it's insulting to those of us who do believe in reality.
  • Mike from Reading, PaWendy from Haddon Heights N.J, commented that Tyler never wrote the lyrics to "Dream On". She claimed that in the 1960's a band from MA bought equipment from a N.J. band that was breaking up, and that band threw in a demo copy of a song called "Dream On". Wendy also states she received one of those copies of the song from the bandmember who wrote it, and the lyrics are identical. If true, this means Tyler never wrote this gem of a song he has been credited with for all these years. Of course, it's impossible to verify Wendy's story. But I have to ask myself this, why would she make up, for what reason?. What do you guys think about all this, could there be some truth in Wendy's claim that Tyler never wrote the lyrics to "Dream On".
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 15th 1973 Aerosmith performed "Dream On" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'...
    Two months earlier on October 14th it entered Billboard's Hot Top chart; eventually it peaked at #59 and spent 9 weeks on the Top 100...
    It re-entered the Top 100 on January 4th, 1976; and exactly three months later on April 4th it peaked at #6 (for 1 weeks) and stayed on the Top 100 for 20 weeks (in Canada it reached #10).
  • Maggie from St Paul, MnThis song really "struck" me when I heard it on an episode of 'Cold Case'! It was playing at the end, I think, when they show the "ghost" or whatever, of the person who was killed. (Unfortunately, that's all I remember! Can't remember the episode, except for this song playing at the end!:)
  • Steve from Whittier, CaThe song actually broke through in 1975/76, with the shorter version, as someone said, and it could NEVER be a "Stairway to Heaven"!![too short even in its full version]. Still excellent..forgot all those Aerosmith collaboration remakes..one VERY important thing about the song forgotten here..IT WAS USED IN the hit 1992 movie "Wayne's World!" Party time, EXCELLENT (plays over the end titles,too)
  • Wendy from Haddon Heights, Nj I have nothing against Stephen, but it's just not true that he wrote Dream On. Back in the 60's a new band from MA bought the band equipment from a South Jersey band that was breaking up. When they bought that equipment, the band threw everything in, including a demo song written by one of the band members, who later became my boyfriend. He gave me one of the left over 45s, with the name Dream On on it.. the lyrics are identical, but not the music. And now you know the truth.
  • Diane from Providence, RiI've always loved this song; I think it's the pure, raw emotion that draws you to it.
  • Jack from Cohasset, MaBefore Aerosmith made it big they played at Suffolk Downs just outside of Boston. I'm guessing it was 1971 or 72. They were the opening act for ShaNaNa and "Dream On" was their only song. They played it for a crowd that came to hear Bowser sing Do Wop and it didn't go well. People liked this song ok, but when they proceeded into a long bluesey guitar jam with no vocals, the crowd got unruly and started throwing things at them. Little did we know that we were watching a band that would become one of the best rock bands of all time. Dream on. Rock on.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InRobin, it's most definitely Tyler,and as you had guessed, before all his hard living and hard singing had roughened his voice.
    Think about how smooth and almost airy Jim Morrison's voice was on the Doors' first few albums, especially on the likes of "The Crystal Ship" and "The End," then listen to his gruff wailing on the final album "LA Woman" on the likes of "The Wasp" and "Cars Hiss by my Window."
  • Robin from Rockville, MdAccording to Wikipedia, "Dream On" was written SOLELY by Steven Tyler. I have been reading from some of you that Tyler also sang the lead, although to me it just doesn't sound like him; maybe that was when he was younger and had not yet suffered the ravages of time, drugs and liquor. Is the person singing the lead REALLY a much-younger Steven Tyler, or another member of the group?
  • Ivy from Springfield, NeThis is an ok song. I like the guitar notes going on in the backround. @ kate down there . . . I THINK i've heard the eminem version . . . as I remember it wasn't that great. I love Em though!
  • Boston Pump from Boston, MaEveryone complaining about rap in these comments: you'll be sorry when Steven Tyler's rap album hits the shelves!!!!
  • Billy from Providence, RiDream On is an Aerosmith song!!!Steven Tyler wrote it!! Steven sings it on the first Aerosmith album!! J Perry did not sing it or Combination which is on the album ROCKS. Although he did write Combination!!He sings back up vocals on it and it's a great song!But he did not sing lead vocals on it!!!Dream On is an AWESOME song!!!I believe it was the first Power Ballad but thats up for discussion. Led Zeppelin did not write it and probably never even played it!!! Why would they.They have a ton of GREAT songs of there own!!Steven did not have wrinkels when he wrote Dream On when he was 17 he see's lines of Coke on the mirror.He see's his face gettin clearer as they disappear!. OK Everyone? Lets go listen to DREAM ON!!!!
  • Sue Ellen from San Andres, Columbiahow could aerosmith try to sopy stairway? let me see, stairway came out in 1971, 1, steven wrote it in 1965, zeppelin didn't even exist, 2, he performed it w/ his chain reaction, his former band, he also performed it w/ aerosmith before stairway came out.

    rip off of the stones? aerosmith doesn't sound like the stones at all, the press said so because steven looked like mick, but he was born so! and yeah, aerosmiht did great things for american rock, a lot of bands wouldn't even exist w/o them
  • Nick from Seattle, Albaniaits great because it sounds like nothing else Aerosmith ever did! gives em some much needed diversity. fav Aerosmith song. its their "stairway!"
  • Derek from Shrewsbury, Makate, the point that the rockers are makeing is that rap does not take musical talent. true you need to improvise but its basicly just poetry not music you asked if steve tyler could win a rap battle im asking could eminem write a song that doesnt make you feel like crap you and other people say rap is music i say its poetry with a beat there is no melody there is only a rythm but yo need both for music so it isnt classified as music to me but it can still be good to listen to bottom line is rap is not music rock blues and even jazz are music
  • Homer from Springfield, KyThis song is just incredible. And I normally would have no problem with Eminem's version if he wasn't a rapper. Rap is not music. period. And, Kirsten, anyone who thinks Eminem wrote this song has serious problems. Eminem is not worthy of anything of this magnitude.
  • Matt from Houston, TxI think his voice on the album was great whether he had to force it or not. then again it is my favorite song
  • Tom from Robesonia, PaTyler admits to changing his voice to sound more blues like on there debut album. That is why it doesn't sound like him. If you read "Walk This Way, the Aerosmith Biography" he explains it all.
  • William from Pheonix, AzRock on probally Aerosmiths best Ballad...But last child (live) is up there too.
  • Dino from Bandung, --I guess the best version is the one with orchestra arranged and conducted by the late film's composer Michael Kamen for MTV's 10th Anniversary in early 90's.
  • Derek from Worcter, Mawow if columbia records dropped them it would have been a big mistake
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InA rare foray into very weighty matters for Aerosmith.
    Clearly, it is about taking cocaine to the point of losing ambition, contenting oneself to dreaming of what could be instead.
    Fantastic, agonized vocals from Steven, and I like Joe's interesting near Spanish guitar bit in the intro, even if he is said not to like this song.
  • Kane from Wytheville, Vadont knock eminem his version isnt as good as the original but nothing ever is hell rob zombie screwed up michael myers but that movie was still good!!!!
    just lay off him em's the man!!
  • Jenny from Indianapolis, InThis song is awesome. I'm a big Aerosmith fan, and this song just inspires me even more. Eminem shouldn't have tried ruining such a great song. Then again, I've never heard Eminem's version. But, I hate rap, so he probably butchered it.
  • Kateri from Albany, Nyeminem is a joke!!! this version is waayy much better!!
  • Katie from Los Banos, CaBrooke White, American Idol Season 7 finalist, has a cover of this song on her album Songs From The Attic
  • Brandon from Weimar, Tx"Everytime that I look in the mirror
    All these lines on my face gettin' clearer(as lines are snorted)
    The past is gone
    It went by like DUST to dawn"

    Direct reference to using cocaine(on a mirror) and the temporary false dreams it creates

    -speaking from experience....clean now
  • J.t. from Lima, OhIt's very close-minded and immature to say "Eminem is a joke" "I hate him" "He ruined the song!" How about this? Get over it. Just get off your high horse and leave it alone. Obviously Aerosmith didn't have a problem letting him use the song. Joe Perry played the guitar for him. Leave the kid alone, he's made a great career without your negative and adolescent assumptions/assertations. That aside...Aerosmith is a great band and one of my favorites. I'm Old and I've seen them in concerts a few times. Always great. This is my favorite Aerosmith song. I play it on my birthday and keep some bitterness inside since I've never followed the advice. If you're young, do what the song tells you. I never wanted to be a divorced, lonely 56 year old with four kids I never get to see, but I am. Oh well.
  • Marty from Lee, Ma"All these lines on my face getting clearer." refers to cocaine. if you listen, you can here him "snorting" the nose candy....
  • Julie from Taylor, TxTheir best song!!!!! I could write a whole story about how great it is but....well listen to it. Pretty self explanitory.
  • Chelsea from Wichita, KsThis song gives me the straight up chills.I mean yeah it kinda does sound like they're imitating Led zeppelin but that doesn't mean that this isn't a gorgeous song.But whenever I used to hear this I though it didn't sound like Steven Tyler at all and i'm 17 now and it still doesn't up until he starts doing that screaming thing he does.Maybe i'm just used to hearing him scream.lol But this song is amazing.
  • Bess from San Diego, CaCan anyone explain why this song is listed as "Explicit" on iTunes?
    I'm with you, Sofija. I don't listen to rap, I never knew anyone thought Eminem, of all people, wrote this song (pathetic), I'm a teenager, and someone turned "Walk This Way" into a rap song? Jeez, so help us. Stop messing up perfectly good songs, for crying out loud!!!
  • David from Deerfield Beach, FlPosted 11/27/2007. I could be wrong but I feel like this was Aerosmith's attempt to imitate Led Zeppelin somewhat by creating their own version of "Stairway To Heaven". I have little doubt that "Dream On" was an original song legitimately written by Steven Tyler, but I just get the sense that they were trying to copy Led Zep's "Stairway..." vibe somewhat. Never-the-less, "Dream On" is still one of the greatest classics of all time in it's own right, and rightfully so in my opinion. Powerful lyrics & vocal. It touches a nerve.
  • James from Edmonton, CanadaDio's cover of this is, okay. Aerosmith's will always be the best, and Yngwie just ruined the suspense in the song by cramming close to 1000000000000000000000000000000 notes into every nook and cranny he could find.
  • Mark from Concord, NhI think Tyler learned to play piano before he played drums or before he was a front man.
    ...something about his father being a musician in New York City?
    So it makes sense that he would have wrote the song on the piano as a teenager, before he met the future members of Aerosmith (in New Hampshire)
  • Sofija from Novi Sad, SerbiaJust so you know, not all teenagers think Eminem wrote the song. I'm a teenager, and I didn't even know Eminem ever used their song, but that's probably because I can't listen to rap. It's just crumy. The only rap song I ever liked was Walk this way (does it even count? cause their's a 2 and a half minute solo in it), and that's only because Aerosmith was in on it. And I know it was originally an Aerosmith song on their album Toys in the attic. So there. Not all teenagers listen to rap (although most of us unfortunately do)
  • Dave from Edmonton, CanadaThe kid was listed as only being 17 when he wrote this song, as someone else pointed out in a response, ?Is it not odd that a boy of 17 writes in the first 2 lines of Dream On about seeing wrinkles.? Wrinkles are a metaphor for age. Why would Steve Tyler write about looking in a mirror and seeing himself as an old person when he is of such a young age?

    My other given name is Nyceim, my angel name. I met a woman who channels between earths plain and the spiritual plain. I myself have never ventured into the world of psychics or mystics, so was not familiar of what they did. She told me, well she said through the thoughts of Michael the Arc Angel who was speaking to me through her that I was one of three angels {other two are twins named Metatrone and Sandlefaun. (I am not a follower of any form of religion.)} sent down to earth to learn karma and the human condition through the birthing process and the death transition process by way of many reincarnations. No, I believe I have no more powers then you because on this earth?s plain we are ALL EQUAL in the human form and it really does not matter whom I may be, it is the thought, the idea I want to draw my analysis of Dream On from. I do believe although that we all have unimaginable powers yet to be discovered once we understand how to tap into the other 90% of our brains.

    In order for him to write this, either announced or unannounced to him at the time represents the mind of one that has enjoyed many reincarnations on earth, an old soul some could say.

    The first lyrics of the song say that as an old soul he finally understands the true process of life. (Steve Tyler may even be an angel living amongst us to learn some form of human conditioning, probably wealth and fame). In the first part he speaks as a human, one who goes through life in an instant paying the price of trying to understand, what is the true meaning of life before one mortally passes. Has paid his dues, as has everyone else and is.

    Now as he continues, he knows most do not know the true meaning of life from which he has come to realize, the beginning and the end, the life and death process. He sees people still believing in the process of working hard and the idea one must fight for everything to get anything. That some are blessed with abundance while others are not. Witnessing this collective way of thinking he says ?I know that it is every bodies sin? plus the other collective thought that says you need to have misery in order to get what you want or as he has written ?You gotta lose to know how to win.? Bottom line reinforcing the idea, in the minds of many, which believe, we are not ALL CREATED EQUAL. We believe we are the product of an uncontrolled set of circumstance that dismisses us from mortal responsibility.

    The third part explains why we believe what we believe. It is a long history of people, both foolish and wise, telling us how life is to be. We are what we are as a result of being slaves to the concept of time. Human?s evolutionary process, which is the interpretation of one?s environment at a moment in time guided by the gift of individual free will. We are what we are as a result of history that has been written over thousands of life times without questioning why we believe what we believe. We are sheep, followers of other sheep. We are all sleeping waiting for the moment of awakening. He ends the verse by saying in essence if you do not get the true meaning now you will have to live again until you get it, reincarnation. ?All things come back to you? You will need to answer questions of the ideas and beliefs you now have, (are what you are now while reading this) the death process, the pure energy evaluating process, then sent back down with an edited form of ideas and beliefs until you come back to your true state. The completion of the cycle, finally taking responsibility for one self?s existence???.. he is deep huh?

    The chorus of singing is quite simply a rejoicing. A rejoicing that he has come to understand life?s meaning so sing for all of his lives and hopefully if you are singing with him you also understand. Sing for the right to live in mortal self. Show gratitude for the lessons, be happy that you are not still an ameba. Be happy that you have been chosen to experience existence through the 5 senses for your education. If you do not ?Maybe the good lord will take you away so you can start the process as quickly as possible through reincarnation until you learn and be set free.

    The secret is quite simply to know what your dreams are and always hold onto that dream. Dream On, Dream On, Dream On, Dream yourself a dream come true. Your purpose, as is everyone else, is to interact with one another so all will soon understand that you all have EQUAL ability to create what ever you want and in doing so create the by-product joy. Most importantly all you have to do is think, believe and desire and it will come to you. What you dream, is your reality, you are its creator through the process of free will. The old saying ?If you did nothing at all you will be exactly where you want to be.? Is the truest of all sayings, so is ?Careful for what you wish for.? What do you want, what would guarantee your happiness each and everyday of your life? Once you have found it, it is that essence that will attract others until we are all vibrating joy, happiness, peace and understanding, equating to the true meaning of love. Work on one self first to change others, Dream yourself a dream come true.


    He is miserable and this is his suicide note. He sees no reason to carry-on to old age; man still knows nothing, no purpose. A revolving door of moral and immoral decisions wrapped in misery with little possibility of winning. He is so young at this time; life to him must be like the first day of a back-to-back life sentence in prison. Singing is a metaphor for a common understanding (in order to sing you have to know the song) that there is nothing to live for, might as well chose death. Dream of no more pain, dream it until the thought consumes you and you have the will needed to kill yourself (dream yourself a dream come true)

    At age 17 this would also make sense.

    Where are you in your understanding, life through joy or joy through death?

    I guess we can all agree that we are all joyous that Steve Tyler chose???.?
  • Cassandra from Houston, TxSo "Dream on"..was about his ex-wife?
  • Mike from Falmouth, MaThis is probably Aerosmith's best ballad of all time just above "Angel". At their concerts every body in the venue breaks out their lighters. It's extremely hard to keep yourself from singing along at the top of your loungs when you listen.
  • Hitchhiker from Inmyroom, Otherthis is a very motivational song
    I respect both aerosmith and eminem if you ask me.
    please stop this crap with rap music
    everything is respected as it could mean a lot of things to people . Some of those words can change lives and situations. I'm much more a "rocker" than a "rapper" but I like some of eminem's work
  • Ray from Palm Bay, Idi saw them in concert with ELF and DEEP PURPLE in Ct.in 1973. (dillon stadium) they were doing this song and half way through it steven stopped the song and said something like "lets rock and roll !" and they went on to play something else
  • Justin from Franklin, Vawhoever says rap isnt music, is a retard. Yes I prefer rock, but just because it doesn't sound like other music or the writing process or making of the music isnt the same doesn't mean it isnt music.
  • Darrell from Dallas, TxHahahahahahahaha!!! Eminem has talent? Remember, "Don't mistake lack of talent for genius."
    Who gives a ***k if Tyler can win a rap contest, "rap" isn't music. In fact, it's really called (c)rap!
    Steven Tyler has more talent than "Eminem" ever will.
  • Maggot Fiend from Seattle, WaDon't discredit eminem for using that little part of dream on. He is a very talented individual who can put words together like you would never think possible. Some people might not like him but he had to work his way to the top just like aerosmith did. Rappers may not make all their own beats but someone does. Britney Spears didnt write her music but millions of retards seemed to love her.
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlEasily their best song. The 70's Aerosmith was great. Too bad the band decayed into cheesy/corny mediocrity in the 90's.
  • Kate from Norwich, EnglandJust because Eminem is a rap artist rather than a rock artist does not make him any less talented than Steven Tyler/Aerosmith. I was a huge Eminem fan and now I am a fan of rock music also. Eminem is talented through his amazing lyricism. This is beyond dispute. Could Steven Tyler win a rap battle? However, at the same time Steven Tyler is clearly a truely talented artist and I totally respect the phenomenal sucess of Aerosmith.

    Can those of you who are intent on slating Eminem not see the beauty of all different genres of music. How can you limit yourselves to one style of music and miss out on so much?

    I totally agree to 'the opinions of a 16 year old boy'. Having come through difficult times leaning on the connection and passion that Eminem shares with his fans through his MUSIC. Yes it is music, in the same way that people can scream down a microphone and that is classed as music. Open your minds please.

    True music fans will find out the truth that Aerosmith is the genius behind the amazing chorus and guitar riff in Sing for the Moment, one of the most passionate and moving songs of Eminem. For all those that never know why can you not be content that truely awesome rock tures live on. This may seem bias towards Eminem but Im fed up of people slating him just because he is a rap artist. You are merely against rap music and that is your own sad loss that you cannot be open minded enough to appreciate another form of expression of soul.
  • Copperhed from Jupiter, Flmy band plays this song and it is one of my favorite songs to play on drms
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI'm not sure if it would selling out. But of course I don't know the circumstances surrounding the sample. The eminem song containing this sample, is, I think, a lot better than most popular rap songs that contain samples. Even though i may not agree with Eminem on some stuff, I respect him as an artist.
  • Brandon from Peoria, IlJessica, do you think that Aerosmith was "okay" with it or do you think that Eminem offered them lots of money and Aerosmith just sold-out? Just wondering, because Aerosmith DID do "Walk this Way with RUN-DMC, so maybe they actually are fans of rap...personally i think they just sold-out (which sucks)
  • Jessica from Lawrenceburg, KyI hate that a lot of you are slamming on Eminem. Obviously the Aerosmith band members did not share the same sentiments that most of you do concerning Eminem. They let him use the sample, and he created the words around the sample and made a terrific song that can mean so much to so many people. I just want to say this: Just because you may not be particularly fond of one genre of music DOES NOT mean that it's not worth listening to. The type of music that you DO care for is not the only type that should be listened to. Everyone has their own tastes. Apparantly Aersosmith was fine with Eminem's loquacious style of music or else he would not have allowed him to use the sample.
  • Jaym from The Dark Side Of The MoonLike Gordon said, the first song Joe sang on was on the album Rocks in 1976. That song by the way is "Combination".
  • Phillip from Natchez, MsThe Shaman says Karma ain't going to be very kind to Steve and Joe, but thanks for pulling the Buick commercial guys.
  • Phillip from Natchez, MtSteven Always sang "Dream On". A seventeen year old wrote "Dream On" but it wasn't Tyler.
  • Shanan from Gatineau, CanadaOkay people, thank you very much for clearing up absoultely nothing for me.
    Aerosmith wrote the song, Led Zeppelin wrote the song. Steven Tyler sang the song, Joe Perry sang the song.
    Everyone has their sources. This was useless.
  • Jane from Fort Dodge , IaGood Lord Joe Perry singing lead on Dream on? SOme of you people need to check your facts.Aerosmith is one of the most enduring bands of modern times i saw them in 2001 in Des MOines iowa and THEY STILL ROCK!!! To be honest I was almost scared to go fearing age had caught up with them and they wouldnt be as good as they were in the 70s and 80s THEY WERE BETTER!!! You get more show now and it is completely SICK!!!!! I would pay big bucks to see them again
  • Gordon from Lake Havasu City, AzAHHA!!!! Combination was the name of the Joe Perry's first venture as the vocalist for an Aerosmith song.
  • Gordon from Lake Havasu City, AzI agree with all who say that eminem should be tar-and-feathered for using this song for his own gain. It's such a great song, and to think that Steven Tyler was a teen when he wrote it. So talented. Who said that Joe Perry was the singer behind it on the album? Man, you need to brush up on your history. Joe Perry's first song as lead vocalist was on their fourth album ROCKS, but I can't think of the name.
  • Matt from Dallas, Txrap sucks. it is not music. thats all i have to say.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaYeah, there is no way in hell Joe Perry has the range to sing this song. Tyler is one of a kind.
  • Dev01d from Wollongong, AustraliaAmazing lyrics and guitar riif. The Yngwie Malmsteen and Dio version of this song is the BEST. Eminem shouldn't be allowed to even listen to such great songs, let alone butcher them.
  • Donalyn from Belfair, WaJoe Perry did NOT orignally sing dream on.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaI thought it was Heart the first time I heard it. I agree Jenny from everet. Mitch from Austin, maybe music today just isn't as good today as it was 30 years ago. Now Aerosmith is welcome with open arms
  • Jonathan from Toronto, United StatesI don't know why people would think that eminem has talent for his music. If he was so good then why would he have to sample classics? Probably for filler. In fact the song he samples dream on is his only good song, only because it features dream on.
  • Kevin Witt from Haymarket, VaESPN did an incredible compilation of sports highlights to this song as part of the hoopla for the turn of the century, probably the most moving piece of this sort of thing I have ever seen...only wish I had a copy of it. The video ends with the classic black and white photo of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston as the gong chimes at the end of the song.
  • Susan from Amherst, United Statesas far as I am concerned, nobody can compare with steven tyler and the band aerosmith. I've listened to his music since he first came out. yes, his voice has changed over the years but that is probably due to the facts of maturity and it's a possibility that drugs and him smoking had something to do with it. He has never sounded bad; in my opinion. I saw him in 1991? in amherst at the mullins center at u mass and he made me feel like a teenager again. he sent chills up and down my spine. He is just so awesome. I admire and give him lots of credit and praise for the way he turned his life around. my daughter worked in boston at copley flair where he would shop and she went up to him and reported how crazy i was about him and would he sign an autograph for her mom. He did and when she sent it to me i thought, this was the closes i am going to get to mr tyler. the autograph is on my wall above my computer. I am going to get a frame for it but i haven't found one that compliments his signature. you may think i'm a little crazy, and maybe i am but to me he is number one. everytime i hear his voice, see a picture of him or see him perform on tv something just happens to me inside. Not too many people make me feel this way and i don't know why he does. all i know is that he has this affect on me. there is one song he came out with and at the time i was going through a traumatic experience and it helped me move on with my life. right now i can't think of the name of the song...memory goes with age. i would love to see him perform again some day. My fantasy is to meet him and just talk about life. He is an amazing man. I just can't say enough about him, he is just so,so awesome. Steven, you keep on rockin', I will always be listen'n Love, a fan forever
  • Billy from Boston, MaI Heard Joe Perry, the Lead guitarist of Aerosmith sang Dream On origionally instead of Steven Tyler. Led Zeppelin is my favorite band and I canguarantee you Led Zeppelin did not write Dream On. As for the comments about Steven Tyler's voice sounding different, that's because it was Joe Perry singing in Dream On, not Tyler.
  • Jon from Los Angeles, CaThis is one of those songs that was always totally in the background for me, I'd heard it forever and never cared. But it's featured in "Dead Or Alive 2 Ultimate," so now every time I hear it I think of buxom Asian girls kicking each other's asses. Seriously though, I couldn't believe this was Aerosmith - I thought maybe they had an original singer who OD'd or something...lol
  • Rikki from Ashtabula, OhOne of the classic songs of all time. Hearing Steven scream "Dream on!" at the end gives me chills. I would have lieks it to have some more powerful guitar though. I like the live version better cause it sounds more powerful and strong and alive.
  • Sarah from Ottawa, CanadaI love this song, it is awesome...it's weird to hear Steven to sing this when he was so young and had a voice as clear as a bell. I'm used to hearing him later when his voice went a little more hoarse. The only time he really sounds like himself is when he lets out a scream near the end of the song.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Caexample of a song everyone loves but only understand half the lyrics (or less): stairway to heaven. anyway this is the single best aerosmith song there is. sorry fans but although i like aerosmith...a lot of their songs sound kinda the same. except this song its a huge exception! theres nothing like it! its a great song. the vocals are awesome! almost as good as robert plants or freddie mercurys!
  • AnonymousThough in general I do not like rap, I would even say I strongly dislike it, (it has unfortunately become a "music" form that only seems to know how to degrade women and has forgotten why it started or what music theory means and is only concerned with making "noise". Not all of it, but most of it.) when eminem actually writes a serious song, he is a good poet. And let us not forget that Aerosmith was in part responsible for introducing rap into the "white" population when they collaborated with Run DMC on "Walk This Way" (a point someone else has made.) So for eminem to sample the song (not do a remake or cover of it, but a sample) seems fitting to me, especially in one of his few songs that appeals to a more general audience and is about making it big. I see it as maybe his way of fufilling the line "everybody's got their dues in life to pay." By sampling the song, I think it's a way to say thank you to a band that did help change the face of music. (How many other bands at the time were well liked even though people understood only half of the lyrics. Sounds like a precursor to rap in the "white" sector if I ever heard one:)
    On a lighter and less (I hope) controversial note, this is one of the few songs by Aerosmith that I actually understood what they were saying the first time I listended to it. LOL. It is definetly a powerful song. I almost cry every time I hear it.(I may have to start playing it on my birthday each year. It captures that melancholy feeling I get knowing another year has gone by.:)
  • Tango Fistula from Gila Bend, Azthey were a boring dull as dishwater combination of the stones and the new york dolls...like most bands they are only slighly interesting when they shoot lots of heroin
  • Deo from Annandale, VaThis song is awesome to play on piano.
  • Dustin from My Home, Ineminem is rap...rap is bad....rap is not rock aerosmith is rock therefore eminew shuld NEVER go near rock the only thing that got me madder is when p.diddy sampled led zeppelins kashmir
  • David from Brookfield, WiThe only other rock song I can think of that achieves both the high energy and deep lyricism of "Dream On" is "Layla." I think these two are pretty much high points of rock composition. Can anyone think of a comparable song?
  • Del from Sault Ste. Marie, CanadaHey Eminem Trashers! First let me say I am not a person who buys his albums or is a huge fan of his. Next let me add that Eminem is NOT stupid. He is just as smart as everyone else who loves the song and sees what it's worth. That is why he sampled Dream On in his song. He took a song that meant something to him and added it to his music, so people could see it was important to him. Also, what he did was brilliant, because he brought the tune back into fame with today's younger generation. Now teenagers who listen to him get a little piece of rock in their heads and start looking into the song, cause they think it's so cool. So whatever you say I still have the same respect for Eminem as a performer I always had. Now if you wanna trash talk this guy . . . try listening to the songs he wrote where he kills his wife and throws her off a dock ties to a rock with their little daughter coming along for the ride. It's sick. But don't dis the one genius thing he does.
  • Jono from Sydney, Australiathers all these ppl on this forum arguing FOR eminem..look..i do agree withu that hes talented and has a good ability 2 express his feelings..but if hes so good y cant he make ny of his own songs with meaning 2 them..toy soldiers..stan..this he dus like 2 copy ppls stuff..n also..yeh mostv my generation like him wich i hafta put up with day in day out about ppl saying how good him and fitty n will smith!! r at muisc fknel its terribl they dont know wot good music is...eminem appeals 2 them cos his songs hav a heavy beat and r rebellious thats about it..aerosmith rock on!!
  • Mike from Kamloops, United Statespeople dont give this song the cred it deserves, i think its as good a song as staiway to heaven, anyday
  • Melissa from Montgomery, Althank you matt in charlotte for clearing up questions i had about this song. steven tyler's voice is definately different, but i can't believe anyone ever thought it was a led zeppelin song.
    those of you who hate eminem should perhaps open your ears a bit. (i didn't even know he sampled the song before i read so many ignorant comments about it, but i'm sure it's good.) even if you don't like rap or him in particular for some reason, you should be able to recognize the talent in him. he writes original rhymes that really express whatever he wants to convey, and it's really obvious it comes from the heart. on top of that he has incredible timing, essential to his genre although most of eminem's contemporaries can't keep up.
    who would think that eminem wrote dream on? he and other rappers sample songs that mean something to them or to the message, and young rap fans know this. i've never heard it, but i'm sure eminem uses his own lyrics and dream on for the chorus; it's a genre staple. the kids might not know where it comes from, but they'll hear the original one day and figure it out.
    i'm not necessarily an eminem fan (i'm really a punk rock girl with good taste) but i like good music. i must give recognition to eminem just like i give mariah carey props even if i hate her music. some talent is undeniable. those of you who are hating on eminem so much should reconsider. steven tyler obviously thought he was talented enough to use the song properly. why should you be so against it?
  • Stephen from Calgary, CanadaThis song was used extensively during the American League Championship Series and the World Series in 2004, in any highlight reel featuring the Red Sox. The idea was that the Sox should dream until their dream of breaking the curse came true.
  • Jo from Paris, Franceyou might not believe me when i say that I take lessons from the guy who taught Joey kramer how to play because it says i live in paris, but i'm only in vacation for 1 month. I actually live in yonkers.
  • Jo from Paris, FranceYeah That song belongs to Steven there is no question about it!! For the ones not convinced, check this out: my drum teacher (i won't say his name)was Joey Kramer's drum teacher. oh yeah,he was the one who taught him. Today, so many times later he still knows the band very well, and he especially knows Steven and Joey. he told me he could sell his soul to Lucifer if steven didn't write the great song! ok...too intense maybe? how'bout that": this great rock classic belongs only to the legendary rock band Aerosmith.
  • Shay from Dallas, TxI love this song. I believe that this song is one of the greatest. I read one of the articles and I couldn't believe that it wasn't higher on the charts. I like eminem's version, but it's nothing compared to the original at all. But it is a good thing because I think that his song brought it back to life. Now you can hear it on commercials! :)
  • Angela from Philadelphia, PaI absolutely love this song...I was raised listening to it and it really impresses me how it has subliminally worked its way into modern times. The concepts of looking in the mirror and seeing things as they are is by far an important concept that many musicians have tried to grasp but few have succeeded. Steven Tyler hs joined that few.
  • Andrew from Springfield, MoJ/k though lol
  • Andrew from Springfield, Mo"since they won the gold medal." THanks for ruining the F'ing movie
  • Lunaticsonthegrass from Montreal, CanadaYou speak the truth dude!
  • 16 from London, EnglandCome on people, Dream on is an remarkable song, and don't get me wrong, i love it, but Eminems version is also awesome. Eminem is an amazing artist, and a lyrical genious, and his songs relate to real life issues, and the lifes of many people of my generation. If people looked past the swearing in his songs they would see the feelings and emotions he puts into his songs and how much these mean to so many people, (That's why we sing for these kids, who don't have a thing
    Except for a dream, and a **** rap magazine' sing for the moment), he songs relate to people, when their life is tough, and can give people the courage to be strong. Eminem is not about the swearing in his songs, or the 'fast talking' as it has been called, but the lyrics ane the meaning behind them. However this is not an Eminem song, and all credit to Aerosmith. However i feel it was never Eminems intention to ruin, or steal the song, but rather its a tribute to a great piece of music, and a meaningful song, which he uses to help relate to peoples lifes.

    Dream on, what a beautiful piece of musical history, an undeniably one of the greatest songs ever written
    (The opinions of a 16 year old boy, take it or leave it, its just the way i feel!)
  • -hodan from Calgary, CanadaWell maybe he means the pimples in his face are clearing up.Sorry, just a thought! ;)
  • Matt from Millbrae, Casteven tyler is among the five best frontmen of all time.
  • Mike from Daytona Beach, Flwhy would steven tyler write about the lines on his face getting clearer when he was 17?

    riham from phili is right. even if aerosmith wrote this, its not tyler who sings it. thats why his vocals sound different.

    furthermore, i havent seen one irrefutable piece of evidence proving that aerosmith wrote it.
  • Mackenzie from Calgary, CanadaLive like each day is your last, for we never know how long we will be on earth."maybe tommorrow the good lord will take you away"
    Do what you love, what you know you wanna do deep down inside.
  • Arnold from Cardiff, Cait is a true fact that this song is by aerosmith,1.because he wrote it at age 17, 2.beacause if led zeppelin did than how come its not on any of thier cd's, and 3. because my mom said so and she goes to collage.
  • Lulu from Cardiff, CaIt is clear that neither Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, or Eminem wrote the song "Dream On". Aliens wrote this song and telepathically transmitted the great rock ballad to Weird Al in 2013. Then, Eminem went back in time and said that he wrote the song, but it was stolen by both Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith (they were incahoots). No one gave the aliens the credit that they should have recieved.
  • Nightboater from San Francisco, CaActually the Ronnie James Dio/Yngvie version is quite well down and much more powerful than the Aerosmith version, imho. Love Yngvie's playing, you know right away its him. This is song is insanely beautiful, and has been an inspiration to me for many years both by its lyrics and its incredible melody. Never would I listen to Eminem doing any song !
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, AlBazza, wongaloo creak, Australia - Its always been my understanding to think of rap as poetry - when i listen to rap i listen to lyrical content and the message they are trying to get across. People like eminem are not out to compete with bands like aerosmith but to use samples of songs that mean something to them to help get the message of their rap across. In short Eminem dosent wake up and decide to ruin a song - he wakes up and decides to take a song that otherwise would slowly and surely be confined to history and introduces it to a whole new generation of listeners. Thats my opinion anyway
  • Bazza from Wongaloo Creak, AustraliaIts a sad sad day when eminem says to himself "you no what? today i might ruin a rock classic and regurgitate it for a generation thats naive to real music." and an even worse day when steven tyler says "sure eminem, u can ruin my song." a couple of thing would make this one of the best songs ever: 1. no eminem to ruin it 2. a huge build up to a massive piano/guitar solo and 3. if the song went for about 5-8 mins long.
  • Shannon from Madison, WiMy friend's boyfriend and I were just discussing this song the other night. He was convinced that Led Zeppeling was the first to write the song. You can imagine my shock when I actually found a web-site online stating that Zeppelin wrote it! I had no idea that there was such a confusion! When I came across this site I was very glad to see that there are people out there who know the truth!! "Dream On" is an Aerosmith classic!
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, Alcheers shannon - just read that article
  • Shannon from Wellington, FlRead the Article on Dream On from December '03 at http://www.blender.com/guide/articles.aspx?id=726 it will tell you the whole story.
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, AlI find it amazing how someone can get theyre vocals round a song like this - its truly a classic.
    Im not a huge eminem fan but i will say that he appreciates a good song and knows when to source one. He has a huge following and is appealing to the younger generation, just like aerosmith appealed to the slightly older generation. I dont think theres anything wrong with covering a song - as long as you have proved you are capable of producing your own work to a good standard
  • Liz from Lake Orion, MiYou guys have been seriously misinformed. Dream On is an Aerosmith song. Aerosmith. Led Zepplin has nothing to do with it. Steven's voice was different because he was nervous that people would not like his real voice, which you can tell with the next few albums (Get Your WIngs). His voice in his 20's is almost identical to his voice now (awesome!) It is deeper on the entire Aerosmith album because he was a. nervous and b. not sure his voice would be accepted. Dream On is the song when he lets the fake voice go for a minute when he screams out "dream on, dream on, dream on, aaaaaaah". So Joe never sang this song. I've seen Behind the Music 13 times because I have it taped and it never says he sang it.
    Aerosmith was influenced by the Stones, but they are not a rip-off of them. I've never seen or heard information saying that (credible info) but in their autobiography they state that it was a major influence.
    I think he said "blue" at the SUperbowl and I wasn't surprised -- Steven Tyler often changes vocals around when he performs live. If you watch their DVD "You Gotta Move", you'll see a lot of change, especially in some old songs.
    Just wanna straighten you guys out.
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaThis song is flippin' sweet
  • Adriana from Monterrey, MexicoI love this song, Steven vocals are pretty different now but still he continues having that rock n roll voice, Im from Mexico but still here in Monterrey all my friends that are fan of aerosmith they just LOVE this song
    and it really works when you´re depresed
  • Jason from Allen, TxNo one should be arguing over who wrote and sang this song first. Obviously it was Aerosmith, and those the protest this can simmply search on the net elsewhere and compare dates. Yes Aerosmith along with many others revolutionized music back in the day...but times have brought with them a new era of music.
    Eminem never tried to rip off the song of claim he wrote it. He simply took a great song and used it as the back for a song. And yes rap is music, just not necessarily said persons cup of tea. If you even keep up with his songs...or you can get the lyrics, he actually writes about things that people go through at one time or another.
    Enough about that...this song is great and a personal favorite, along with the mentioned Zep hit, "Stairway to Heaven", but then I like alot of music including Eminems "Sing for the Moment".
  • Janetlee from Panama City, FlI wonder if someone got the idea that Led Zep wrote this song because of the similar sound and nuances that one may get when listening to Stairway To Heaven...there's just something about that sound and I love it! But maybe I am the ony one that feels like there's a similar feel...not throughout the whole song, but in some parts..shoot! It's hard to explain! LOL!! But I am in total agreement that Tyler wrote this great song. NOT ZEP!!
  • Matt from Charlotte, NcEveryone who believes that Led Zeppelin wrote "Dream On" has been misinformed. Steven Tyler wrote the ballad at age 17, before forming Aerosmith. He brought it to the band when they needed another song on their first album, Aerosmith. For those who feel the need to argue against this, lets look at the facts. One, if one looks at every Aerosmith album that has "Dream On" featured, they will see that the credit goes to Steven Tyler. Furthermore, any song that wasn't written by Aerosmith (Come together, Milk Cow Blues, Remember (Walking in the Sand))and is displayed on their albums has been credited to the writer/original singer. No where under these songs does it mention one of the members of Aerosmith because it wasn't one of their origionals. Secondly, in their autobiography Tyler clearly states when and where he began to write the song "Dream On" and its meaning. For those who don't believe everything you read, in the Behind the Music featured on Vh1 Tyler comments on how he wrote the song at 17 and what it means. The commentator even goes on to clarify that he was the writer of the ballad. Thirdly, when one mentions the song "Dream On", what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Everyone thinks Aerosmith. Not Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith. There's so much evidence out there that there's no point in arguing. I like Led Zeppelin and I'm not sure where the idea that they wrote "Dream On" came from since Zepplin was around before Aerosmith got started. Page came from the Yardbirds and started Led Zeppelin. Clearly, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith wrote "Dream On", hands down. On another note,riham, Tyler has always sang "Dream On". If one listens to the first copy of it on their self titled album it does sound a little different then newer recordings. This is simply because on their first album they were very nervous when recording, Tyler changed his singing style on the first record so that it would sound better. In fact they were so nervous that while recording they had to take down a light that would turn on while doing takes, telling them that they were recording. Perry never sang this song and no it wasn't mentioned on the Behind the Music. One last thing, Eminem wasn't trying to redo "Dream On". He was just doing another song to get a point across. By using this song he wasn't trying to compare himself with Steven Tyler or remix the song so that its a new version. It's just the song with the chorus and his verses. He has done this many times on his past albums with other songs.
  • Tom from St. Louis, MoOk...First of all, Dream On is an original Aerosmith song. Tyler wrote the lyrics for it in the early days of the band. Led Zeppelin did not do a version of it, it was not originally theirs. Led Zeppelin was an incredible band - and their songs will be remembered forever. But Aerosmith's Dream On is an amazing song, and it is all theirs. I am not a fan of rap, and as for Eminem, I think it's really pathetic that he tried to remake one of the best rock ballads ever. Dream On is one of those songs that should not be touched by another band. If Eminem thinks he came even close to comparing with Aerosmith, then I have even less respect for him than i ever did.
  • Riham from Philadelphia, PaI don't think Tyler sings this one. Perry does. I heard that on VH1 behind the music. Anyone else see that episode?!
  • Kevin from Sunrise, FlI'm pretty sure it was Aerosmith and only Aerosmith who wrote this song and played it. Besides Eminem but he doesn't count heh..
  • Harry from Seaville, Njtylers voice sounds soo different than other songs by aerosmith
    a great song though
  • Ben from Aguadilla, United Stateshow can you even compare eminem to steven tyler!
    eminem can talk fast!
    steven is an amazing singer!
  • Mitch from Austin, TxI dont see how you guys can think that Aerosmith is "revolutionary" and Eminem is a joke. Aerosmith is just a rip off of the Rolling Stones, Tyler admitted this when they started out, and Eminem, like him or not, is one of the most creative popular artists of today. Am i missing something here?
  • Troy from Charlotte, NcOk I like Aerosmith pretty good, their older stuff anyway, but no aerosmith song compares to any of Led Zeppelin's top 5 songs.
  • Jenny from Everett, WaI can't believe people would actually compare Eminem to Aerosmith, yes Aerosmith revolutionized the music industry, but to compare the two is just ridiculous. Two completely different genere's of music, one, Eminem, is a complete joke. I feel sorry for the generation of kids who think that he actually wrote this song. Sad, sad.
  • Izzy from Vernon Hills, IlThe songs actually about his frustation with his band at the time.
  • Julia from London, EnglandWhen i fist heard this, i could not believe that it was aerosmith because steven tyler's vocals are so DIFFERENT. it doesn't sound like him at all!!
  • Kurt from Downers Grove, IlYeah its Tyler all right--before his voice all weird from the drugs and smoking, he sounded better, almost as good as Robert Plant.
  • Andrew Nelson from Columbus, GaAre the vocals really Steven Tyler? I know he plays piano, but the only vocals that sound like his are the screaming "DREAM ON!" near the end.
  • Jason from Wylie, Txof course the original dream on will always be one of the best rock ballads of all time right up there with stairway to heaven and i am an aerosmith fan but im also an eminem fan and think his version is pretty cool 2 i have nuthin agaisnt rock/rap collabrations remember aerosmtih and run dmc started the trend back in '86 by remixing walk this way
  • Matt from Pembroke , MaYea eminem is a joke in my opinion.
  • Sarah from Ottawa, CanadaI HATE Eminem's version...but then again I hate Eminem.
  • Jessy from Pittsfield, MaI think the whole superbowl performance was off. It seemed to me that towards the end he forgot the words, or he cut out a couple of verses. He got to the crescendo awfully quickly.
  • Yo from Honolulu, Hii suppose it could have been Freud trying to tell me something, but i could have sworn i heard Tyler sing "dream untill your dreams turn blue" at the superbowl today. did anyone else or am i dreaming?
  • Kirsten from Brampton, CanadaI totaly agree. I like this version much better then i do eminems version. I find that eminem likes to take great rock songs like this one and remix them. But the thing is,everybody that listens to eminem thinks that he wrote this song. But the generation of people that listen to eminem dont relise that it was areosmith.
  • Britney from Calabasas, CaEminem's version is cool. I like this one better. Tyler's vocals were true rock in this song.
  • Maddie from Yakima, WaI've always liked this song.
  • Chris from Conway, ScTyler wrote this song at age 17.
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