Love Like Winter
by AFI

Album: Decemberunderground (2006)
Charted: 68
  • Warn your warmth to turn away
    Here, it's December

    Press your lips to the sculptures
    And surely you'll stay
    Love like winter

    For of sugar and ice
    I am made
    I am made

    It's in the blood
    It's in the blood
    I met my love before I was born
    He wanted love
    I taste of blood
    He bit my lip, and drank my warmth
    From years before
    From years before

    She exhales vanilla lace
    I barely dreamt her yesterday (yesterday)
    Read the lines in the mirror through
    The lipstick trace
    Por siempre

    She said, "It seems you're somewhere, far away," to his face


    Love like winter, oh, oh
    Love like winter
    Three, four

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Comments: 6

  • Joclyn from Lovelock, NvLol i always thought this song was about vampires it fits better i think than the meaning given but oh well i still absoulutely love this song and AFI
  • Teresa from Denver, Cogood tase Kimberly Davey is super sexy and i love his voice. Has anybody heard The Missing Framing
  • Jai from Kingston, JamaicaThanks D! Reading your comment actually helped me to understand the song more. And the video .. in a way. It is an awesome song nice sung! AFI!!
  • D from Chattanooga, Tni think this song would have been amazing for the movie twilight haha :) i hear this song and i can just see edward and bella ... "Warn your warmth to turn away,Here it's December,Everyday." How their his skin is cold forever.... "Press your lips to the sculptures,And surely you'll stay." when she kisses his cold stone lips she's hooked forever.... "love like winter" how it's a love that is beautiful and cold all in one... "for of sugar and ice,I am made" a cold creature that is still sweet, and he sparkles like sugar haha :P so love edward!... " It's in the blood,I met my love before I was born. He wanted love" she met him before she was born as a vampire.... "I taste of blood.He bit my lip, and drank my warmth" not exactly how she was changed but mmm how nice that would have been... "She exhales vanilla lace" how her breath is sooo irresistably, intoxicatingly sweet to him.... "Por siempre" a forever love, immortal.... "She said "It seems you're somewhere, far away" He was a world away as she tried to understand him.... "I met my love before I was born.She wanted love,I taste of blood." he met her before he was "born" into love and an eternity worth living forever.
  • Kimberly from Melbourne, Australiai love afi, their my favorite eva and davey is sxc 4 lyf!!! hehe
  • Jenna from Nova Scotia, Canada"Por Siempre" means "forever". I know not much difference but still... and I must add Davey has a gorgeous voice.
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