Elvaston Place

Album: Modern Times (2000)
  • Elvaston Place
    A run-down basement in South Ken
    Hiding your face
    Behind the railings in the rain
    Stony steps to a small grey herd
    Of dustbins blinking in the sunlight
    Our yesterday lives
    Crouched by the fireside
    In Elvaston Place

    Holes in the lace-
    Curtains, splintery window frames
    A small furnished space
    We never knew the landlord's name
    Electric bar to warm your winter toes
    Evening paper for the bath mat
    Watching the face
    Happy beside me
    In Elvaston Place

    The city's spreading like a stony tide across the countryside
    I live alone now in London town
    Cars and buses everywhere, they hide the sun and eat the air
    You need a friend when it gets you down
    All the money that I've ever owned
    I'd give it all tomorrow
    If I could lay happy beside you
    In Elvaston Place

    Elvaston Place
    I stopped to look at you today
    New whitewashed face
    Behind the railings in the rain
    You once held a love of mine
    She changed just like the weather
    The Kensington skies go on for ever
    In Elvaston Place


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