If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It

Album: Year Of The Cat (1976)
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  • Nothing that's forced can ever be right
    If it doesn't come naturally, leave it
    That's what she said as she turned out the light
    And we bent our backs as slaves of the night
    Then she lowered her guard and showed me the scars
    She got from trying to fight
    Saying oh, you'd better believe it.

    Well I'm up to my neck in the crumbling wreckage
    Of all that I wanted from life
    When I looked for respect all I got was neglect
    Though I swallowed the lign as a sign of the times
    But dealing a jack from the back of the pack
    They said-"You lose again"
    Oh, I said, who needs it?

    Well don't get me wrong now I tried to get on
    With the jokers that got in my way
    And I put on a smile and I tried all the while to be straight
    But they just wanted more all the time and I'm sure
    That you know what I mean when I say
    That I'm sick of the touch and there's only so much you can take.

    Well nothing that's real is ever for free
    And you just have to pay for it sometime
    She said it before, she said it to me
    I suppose she believed there was nothing to see
    But the same old four imaginary walls
    She built for living inside
    I said oh, you just can't meana it

    Well there was never a doubt that she had to get out
    she was just looking around for a way
    In the pit of the night there was nowhere to hide any more
    She was out on a limb, she was reaching for things
    That she wanted, but just couldn't say
    And she had to be sure that she wouldn't get caught like before.

    Well nothing that's forced can ever be right
    If it doesn't come naturally, leave it
    That's what she said as she turned out the light
    And she may have been wrong, and she may have been right
    But I woke with the frost, and noticed she'd lost
    The veil that covered her eyes
    I said oh, you can leave it.

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  • Janeeyre1956 from LouisvillekyI think that there are two stories here: Al's frustration and the frustration of this one night stand. And their mutual frustration made for a heavy night.
  • Craig from West Chester, PaI saw Al Stewart in Phoenixville PA just last week. An Acoustic show with just him and another guitarist. He was still great. His explanation for this song was that he was that he was trying to write a song with a run on lyric similar to some of Bruce Springsteen's and Bob Dylan's songs. The vocal is actually the rhythm of the song. He sang snip-its of both "Blinded by the Light" and "Subterranean Homesick Blues" to demonstrate what he meant.
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