You Know I'm No Good

Album: Back to Black (2006)
Charted: 18 77
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  • Meet you downstairs, in the bar and hurt
    Your rolled up sleeves and your skull t-shirt
    You say, "What did you do with him today?"
    And sniffed me out like I was Tanqueray
    'Cause you're my fella, my guy
    Hand me your Stella and fly
    By the time I'm out the door
    You tear men down like Roger Moore

    I cheated myself
    Like I knew I would
    I told you I was trouble
    You know that I'm no good

    Upstairs in bed with my ex-boy
    He's in the place, but I can't get joy
    Thinkin' on you in the final throes
    This is when my buzzer goes
    Run out to meet you, chips and pita
    You say, "When we married"
    'Cause you're not bitter
    "There'll be none of him no more"
    I cried for you on the kitchen floor

    I cheated myself
    Like I knew I would
    I told you I was trouble
    You know that I'm no good

    Sweet reunion, Jamaica and Spain
    We're like how we were again
    I'm in the tub, you on the seat
    Lick your lips as I soap my feet
    Then you notice likkle carpet burn
    My stomach drop and my guts churn
    You shrug and it's the worst
    Who truly stuck the knife in first?

    I cheated myself
    Like I knew I would
    I told you I was trouble
    You know that I'm no good

    I cheated myself
    Like I knew I would
    I told you I was trouble
    Yeah, you know that I'm no good (I'm no good) Writer/s: Amy Winehouse
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Tratore
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Sick And Tired from MissouriFor the Roger Moore reference I believe most people are mistaken. It is not the Moore who often starred in the original TV series Maverick as well as 007 in several Bond movies .it is the writer/editor Roger Moore of the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game world. Winehouse was an aspiring fantasy writer and submitted several poeces. As editor, Roger Moore tore her down on several occasions until she gave up this style of writing, at least so the stories go, and turned her talent towards song writing. The reference fits in both instances, but truth is often stanger than fiction.
  • R from K'The English actor quipped that he had no idea why Winehouse chose to include him in the lyrics, unless she wanted a word that rhymed with "door"- the Roger Moore reference refers to another Sir or more appropriately Lord in Amy's life. Roger Moore is his favourite James Bond. Have you watched the video, who do you think the actor is portraying? I'll give you a hint, he is 6'2 and is the subject of Amy's "Some Unholywar." They've been seen together in London occasionally. When another musical artist talked bad publicly about Amy after her passing, he rolled up in a Tesla S model before the car was even released and warned said person. The Tesla had "006" on the license plate. He's also in Black to Black and is rumored to have worked with Adele. They say he is pretty wealthy as well and highly decorated. He makes a shadowy appearance in Amy's Back to Black video.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlOh my...I love this dang song!!! She was a true artist with such talent...something the world didn't have enough of!
  • Ryan from Nashville, TnLol. Too bad Don from San Antonio has no taste in music. Maybe he'll learn to appreciate talent some day.
  • S from New Bern, NcIt makes sense that Ghostface Killah did a remix with this song...when I first heard I'm No Good, it reminded me of the WuTang Clan song "Gravel Pit." My boyfriend and I actually fought because he thought it was the same bass line, it's not, very similar though.
  • Tiffany from Little Rock, ArI'm amazed this song wasn't the first released in the US. The beat is so recognizable if you remember House of Pain, and there's much more range of singing in this song than in "Rehab". This was the first Amy song I'd ever heard and was addicted (pun intended) since.
  • Zoe from York, Afghanistanwhat charlie here said was mean.mabe don was being sarcastic or over exaggerating but thet doesnt give you any resaon to tell him to go off the deep end
  • Don from San Antonio, TxI'm sorry, that Ghostface-whatever dude sucks. Makes me think of the time The Police blew Kanye West offstage when he rapped with them. Back To Black gave me hope for talent again, but then they HAD to end it with THIS. WHY?! Did you think you weren't gonna be able to sell the record without rap on it somewhere? Is there ANY escape from rap, OTHER than suicide?
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