My People

Album: The Art of Love & War (2007)
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  • My people!
    My people!

    The foundation of the United States
    Rests on the sweat of my people
    Every enemy of the USA
    Has had to face my people on the front lines

    People, my people are dyin'
    And we see it all the time
    Don't know where our future would be
    If he's not here, how do we stay strong?

    Only we can save us from us
    Bring about change we will show our people love

    My people, hold your head up
    My people, don't get fed up
    My people rise, my people fight
    My people do alright
    My people walk with pride and
    We're marchin' side by side and
    My people laugh, my people cry
    My people ride and die

    People, my people, keep striving
    There's a greater master plan
    We need to know our history
    We were kings and queens of the greatest dynasty

    Only we can save us from us
    Bring about change we will show our people love

    [Chorus: x2]

    Who are my people? Dr. Vernon Johns
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks
    Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X
    Bishop Desmond Tutu, Mohammad Ali
    Sydney Poitier, Quincy Jones

    Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey
    Barrack Obama, Spike Lee
    Michael Jordan, Venus and Serena Williams
    Tiger Woods, The Rutgers Women's Basketball Team
    We are my people, we are the future

    [Chorus: x2]

    Harriet Tubman, Shirley Caesar
    Miss Jane Pittman, Juanita Bynum
    Maya Angelou, Bishop T.D. Jakes
    Madam C.J. Walker, Bishop Noel Jones

    Moms Mabley, Reverend Blake Scott
    Aretha Franklin, Reverend Jamal Bryant
    Dorothy Dandridge, Richard Pryor
    Lena Horn, Samuel Jackson
    Nancy Wilson, Magic Johnson
    Mahalia Jackson, Smokey Robinson

    Sugar Ray Robinson, Nikki Giovanni
    Adam Clayton Powell, Afeni Shakur
    The Funk Brothers, Miles Davis
    Mr. James Brown, 2Pac
    Bob Marley, Biggie Smalls

    Billie Holiday, Cathy Hughes
    Charlie Parker, Betty Shabazz
    Denzel Washington, Coretta Scott King
    Morgan Freeman, Angela Davis
    James Earl Jones, Nat King Cole

    Curtis Mayfield, Bob Johnson
    Marvin Gaye, Johnnie Cochran
    Berry Gordy, Nat Turner
    Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby
    Cuba Gooding Jr., **** Gregory
    Chris Tucker, Langston Hughes

    Reverend Al Sharpton, Katherine Dandrige
    Jesse Jackson, Debbie Allen
    Woo! Gregory Hines
    Benjamin Zephaniah, Robert Pele
    Kofi Annan, Luther Vandross

    Tyler Perry, Wynton Marsalis
    Zadie Smith, Charles White
    Pele, Romare Bearden
    Robert Mugambi, Gordon Parks
    Omar, John McLean

    Mariam Makeba, Susan Taylor
    Soul II Soul, Tom Bail
    Antwan Fuqua, Damien Marley
    Trevor McDonald, The Black Stars
    Angie Stone, Count Basie
    Duke Ellington, Jackie Robinson

    Bill Clinton, that's right I said it
    Y'all know that was the first black man in the White House Writer/s: ANGIE STONE, BIRDELL FITCH, DUKE ELLINGTON, IDRIS ELBA, JAMES ROSS INGRAM, M MCCLAIN
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Michael from Philadelphia, MaHow come The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is not mention in this song? Hell, he should have been the first one mentioned. Do we have to wait until God take this man from us to honor him?!!!!
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