Dull Times/The Moon

Album: Why Are You OK (2016)
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  • Setting sun, forgot who I was
    Put the garbage where it doesn't belong
    All is numb, two minutes to one
    What's your life like with all that you've done?
    You've done, you've done

    Listen close wherever you go
    Dull times, let'em seep into your bones
    Keep it kind, always in time
    Honest themes every once in a while
    In a while, in a while
    In a while, in a while

    Filthy room, guitars out of tune
    Blank thoughts like I promised to you
    Underneath is there something to see?
    Slower clouds only reflecting
    On the water, on the water,
    On the water, on the water
    Feel's like I'm going insane, why bother?

    The home is where the heart is
    How long we've apart, it's been hard
    Or home is where you are
    Which side I live on, I won't say

    Home is where the heart is
    How long we've been apart
    It's been hard-er home
    Home is where you are
    And which side I live on
    Long we've been apart
    Home is where the heart
    Home is where you are

    Blank state and maudlin
    In need of something to say
    Get to solving this thinking problem
    Dissolution at the start of the day, start of the day

    I administered badly
    Dreaming mysteries up
    The stars spinning around and around me
    While the tasks keep piling up
    Piling up, they're piling up

    I might talk to the ceiling
    I never need something to do
    I never needed a reason to stare into the light, the light of the moon (moon)
    Staring at the light (moon)

    Home is where the heart is, home is where you are
    Long we've been apart, which side I live on
    Home is where the heart
    Staring at the light (moon)
    Staring at the light (moon) Writer/s: BENJAMIN BRIDWELL
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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