Dull Times/The Moon

Album: Why Are You OK (2016)


  • This the opening track of Band of Horses' Why Are You Okay album. Vocalist Ben Bridwell told The Sun the story of the song: "I like to haphazardly de-tune guitars and see what textures arise," he said. "With that one, I tuned a cigar box guitar into a pleasant sounding chord. It seemed to set a vivid scene with its simplicity and I followed it on from there."
  • At seven minutes, this is the longest song the band has ever put to tape. Bridwell explained to The Sun: "When setting up a recording,. I usually have a stop on act for at 4 minutes 20 seconds because I'm an idiot. Most of these songs, I deliberately pushed the lengths in hope of finding more content are I could use later for better overall material."


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