Arisen My Senses

  • Just that kiss
    Was all there is
    Every cell in my body
    Lined up for you
    Legs a little open
    Once again
    Awaken my senses
    Head topless
    Arisen my senses! (Arisen my senses)

    Just that kiss
    Was all there is
    My hands, my palms pulsating of
    The things I want to do to you (the things)
    (I want to do to you)

    Just that kiss (just that kiss)
    Is all there is (is all there is)
    We're weaving a mix-tape
    With every crossfade
    Is WWW
    For him I heed (Is WWW)
    Songs from the
    Warmth, once again (I'll send you some)
    We're weaving a mix-tape
    Weaving a mix-tape (with every)

    For who I am
    For, for, with love
    With love (and)

    Awaken my senses
    I'll weave it
    Just that kiss (awaken my senses)
    Was all there is
    Just that kiss (kiss, kiss) (arisen)
    Was all there is (my senses, my senses)
    Once again, just that kiss (arisen)
    Was all there is (my senses)

    For him I heed
    Once again, I'm made to merge
    For him I heed
    We're made to merge (it's you)
    For him I heed (I see)
    For him I heed
    For him I heed (am I keen or key or not too keen)
    Too keen, to see, to be seen (am I keen or key or not too keen?)
    With him I heed
    He sees me for who I am (am I keen or not keen?)
    For him I heed
    To key, to see, to be seen (am I keen or not keen?)
    With him, him (am I keen or not keen?)
    He sees me for who I am (to key, to be?)Writer/s: Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Alejandro Ghersi
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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