Man Overboard

Album: The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back) (2000)
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  • So sorry, it's over
    so sorry, it's over
    there's so much more that I wanted and (so sorry, it's over)
    there's so much more that I needed and
    time keeps moving on and on and on... (so sorry, it's over)
    soon we'll all be gone

    Let's take some time to talk this over
    you're outta line and rarely sober
    we can't depend, on your excuses
    because in the end it's fucking useless
    you can only lean, on me for so long
    bring the ship about to watch a friend drown
    sittin' out on a ledge, begged you to come down
    you can only lean, on me for so long

    I remember shots without a chaser
    absent minded thoughts now you're a stranger
    cover up the scars, put on your game face
    left you in a bar, to try and save face
    you can only lean, on me for so long
    bring the ship about to watch a friend drown
    sittin' out on a ledge, begged you to come down
    you can only lean, on me for so long

    So sorry, it's over
    so sorry, it's over
    there's so much more that I wanted and (so sorry, it's over)
    there's so much more that I needed and
    time keeps moving on and on and on... (so sorry, it's over)
    soon we'll all be gone

    Man on a mission
    can't say I miss him around
    insider information
    hand in your resignation
    loss of a good friend
    best of intentions I found
    tight lipped procrastination
    ya, later... see you around Writer/s: MARK HOPPUS, TOM DELONGE
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Garry from Melbourne, AustraliaNot about Scott? Yeah right, lol. He didn't want to be in a punk band when he was 30? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, he's over 30 now and is still playing in crappy punk bands.
  • Lacey from Chicago, Ili love this song always have
  • Matt from San Fran, CaScott Reynor did not leave the band because he didnt want to be with them anymore, it was because of his drinking problems, this song has a lot of speculation, but i personally belive its about leaving behind a alcoholic friend *cough*scott*cough*
  • Sam from Gold Coast, AustraliaOf course the they would deny writing the song about Scott Raynor if they admitted they did they would leaved themselves open to being sued by him as the song could be viewed as damaging his character. The lyrics and timeline do fit his departure and the nature of it. Great song but.
  • Lizzy from Glasgow, United StatesNikky's right. Scott said himself that Tom, Mark and their manager phoned him and gave him an ultimatum to go into rehab and stop drinking. if he didn't, they'd chuck him. he said he'd think about it and then went out and got drunk. he went back to them, said he'd go into rehab but they didn't trust him (i don't blame them) and that was the end of Scott Raynor in Blink 182.
    he said it himself. Man Over Board has nothing to do with Tom drinking in high school and Scott didn't leave for college. he's said in a few interview's that it was this ultimatum but in one or two he changed his stories, making Tom and Mark look worse as if they were crap friends.
  • Max from Loveland, Colol, i love the video!
  • Ryan from Holbrook, NyFirst of all you all got it wrong! This is rumor and probably is true about the former blink 182 drummer, Scott can look him up on There are many arguments about how he left, he left because of one of these options are maybe all: Drinking too much alcohol, wanted to go to college and get a degree. This song is about how they left a good friend (which never gave scott a chance[drinking])

    thanks for reading
  • Stacey from Vic, AustraliaOne of the best Blink songs. I love you Travis and so does Joshie hehehe...
  • Chris from Milwaukee, WiThe line actually says "rarely sober" not "really sober"...
  • Harry from Not U.s Idiot, EnglandIf it's about alcoholism then why do they say;
    "Your out of line, and really sober."
    And it sounds like when Tom got kicked out of high school for drinking alcohol in school.
    So it's probaly about Tom Getting kicked out of high school for drinking and stuff.
  • Stacey from Someplace, Australiai think i'm missing something the only connection between alcohol and this song is scott rayner and ppl keep saying it's got nothing to do with him so doesn't that mean it isn't about alcoholism??
  • Alex from Loveland, CoWow, I love this song so much! Why did Blink-182 break up? Oops, my bad, they went on some "hiatus". You know, they were like meant to be together and make the best music. Either way, they'll still be MY favourite band!
  • Nick from Crofton, Mddo u think this might be about one of toms friends from when he was in high school just before he got expelled from school?
  • Ed from London, CanadaThis song is considered to be about Scott (blink- 182's first drummer), he was asked to go to rehab to stop drinking, Scott asked for the weekend to think about it, then decided to go to rehab, told blink this, they said no and kicked him out of the band. Scott wasn't sad about this because his "best friends" didn't believe him.
  • Justin from Birch Run, MiOops. I ment keeping the girl and leaving his friend...
  • Justin from Birch Run, MiDid someone else take the song the way I did? Here is what I look at it as:
    Guy is going out with a girl. Friend get mad. Guy doesn't listen. Friend leaves. Guy realizes he's made a mistake by keep his friend and leaving the girl. Guy loses two things in one situation.
  • Marble from Reno, NvThis is song is NOT about Scott Raynor! Mark just went on love line a few weeks ago, and someone asked him if Man Overboard was about Scott and he plainly said no.
  • Gary from Elkton, MdThis is a great song
    It is about former blink-182 drummer scott raynor who was with the band from the beginning and was replaced by travis
    its a sad story but makes for a great song
  • Brooke from Adelaide, IaTHIS SONG ROCKS AND BLINK ROCKS! M/
  • James from Victoria, CanadaIf you reverse this song, I have done it before, you cabn hear mark singing "It was me, your Boss I screwed her".
  • Tanner from Bakerfield, Caalcohol is not a good thing my dad was killed in a car crash while he was drunk but im not blaming alcohol companys it was his fault and some day we all have to deal w/ that
  • Kieran from D.c., VaI don't like blink, but I do like this song. This song is in the movie The Salton Sea.
  • Nikky from Bh, Njactaully, all that scott going back to school was bs. all those rumors are. i read an interview he gave. he said he was going to go to rehab but blink didnt believe him. he thought that if his "bestfriends" didnt believe him they must not be his friends -- so he left. yeah but the songs about his alcohol problem
  • Adam from Los Angeles, CaThis song is about finally and sadly giving up on a friend who is beyond the point of no return with alcoholism "You can only lean, on me for so long, bring the ship about, to watch your friend drown, sit up on the ledge, begged you to come down..." It has nothing to do with Scott Raynor, who left the band because he wanted to go to school and not be "in a punk band when he was 30."
  • Steve from Woodbine, Mdthis song is awsome i just learned it today!
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