Album: Consent To Treatment (2000)
  • Committed at twenty two
    Just to get over you
    My belly aches blue
    Lorazepam flu
    I'm down for the count
    Always three times a day
    Sometimes four, sometimes four
    A bee stings right through the arm
    The high swing I ride upon
    My eyes can't quite focus on
    The nurse with my Lucky Charms
    Well a two step was just a laugh
    Our boundaries were broken in half
    It's a good thing to know
    As you walk into group for the show

    Knock-knock on the window pane
    My smoke break, the hour rang
    My quiet roommate sleeps the same
    Woke up when dinner came
    The man's no more then forty old
    Arrived scared two days ago
    A family of earth and gold
    But still nonetheless alone
    I learned quick. Knew what to say
    Three angels walked my way
    In Spanish tongue they knelt to pray
    And said "God, keep him safe
    From screaming voices."
    They became my family
    Outstretched their hands on my head
    You know, boy, I can feel them breathing
    They actually knelt down and prayed for me
    They actually knelt down and prayed for me

    Don't you dare put me on HRSA.
    Does self abuse extend your hospital stay?
    I think I'll lie a bit
    Lord I won't cry over anything
    Over anything at all
    Over anything at all
    Over anything at all

    I won't cry over anything
    I won't cry over anything, no
    No, I won't cry over anything
    Over anything at all Writer/s: Justin S. Furstenfeld
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • James from Liverpool, NyI too was in a mental hospital for several months.
  • Jenny from Eastern Wa, WaOctober 29? That's the day of the last time I went to chemical dependency treatment (in 1999). Interesting.
  • Jenny from Eastern Wa, WaOh yea, thanks for reminding me! I was trying to remember what that was.
  • Digimer from Toronto, CanadaFrom "Argument with a Tree", their Live CD, Justin (lead singer) explained that he was checked on October 29, 1997 (after a breakup?). The band's name "Blue October" supposedly comes from that October which was very hard for Justin.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScIt is. I was in a mental hospital for several months.
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