Father's Love

Album: Father's Love (1998)
  • Three feet tall and full of questions
    You must have thought
    I was the smartest man alive
    I didn't always have the answers
    To every little how and where and why

    Like "Daddy, why's the sky so blue today?"
    "Does Jesus really hear me when I pray?"
    "When I grow up, will I be just like you?"
    "Will I be tall and strong and brave?"

    Chorus 1:
    There is no power on earth
    like your fathers' love
    So big and so strong as your father's love
    A promise that's sacred,
    a promise from heaven above
    No matter where you go...
    always know You can depend on
    your father's love

    Especially when it's cold,
    especially when you're lonely
    When your little heart is lost
    trying to find it's way
    I know the world is always changing
    But, remember son, that some things never change

    And even when my life on earth is through
    There will still be a part of me in you
    'Cause some things are forever
    Nothing's ever gonna take my love from you

    Chorus 2:
    There is no power on earth
    like your father's love
    So big and so strong as your father's love
    A promise that's sacred,
    a promise from heaven above
    Did I hug enough, did I care enough
    When you most needed me,
    Was I there enough
    Enough to make you feel the power of
    Your father's love Writer/s: RANDY THOMAS, ROBERT MASON CARLISLE
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, MEIS MUSIC GROUP LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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