Crossing The Rubicon

Album: Rough And Rowdy Ways (2020)
  • I crossed the Rubicon on the fourteenth day
    Of the most dangerous month of the year
    At the worst time, at the worst place
    That's all I seem to hear
    I got up early
    So I could greet the goddess of the dawn
    I painted my wagon, abandoned all hope
    And I crossed the Rubicon

    Well, the Rubicon is a red river
    Goin' gently as she flows
    Redder than your ruby lips
    And the blood that flows from the rose
    Three miles north of purgatory
    One step from the great beyond
    I prayed to the cross, I kissed the girls
    And I crossed the Rubicon

    What are these dark days I see?
    In this world so badly bent
    I cannot redeem the time
    The time so idly spent
    How much longer can it last?
    How long can it go on?
    I embrace my love
    Put down my hair
    And I crossed the Rubicon

    I can feel the bones beneath my skin
    And they're tremblin' with rage
    I'll make your wife a widow
    You'll never see old age
    Show me one good man in sight
    That the sun shines down upon
    I pawned my watch, I paid my debts
    And I crossed the Rubicon

    Put my hide up on a hill
    Where some happiness I'll find
    If I survive, then let me love
    Let the hour be mine
    Take the high road, take the low
    Take any one you're on
    I poured the cup, I passed it along
    And I crossed the Rubicon

    Well, you defiled the most lovely flowers
    In all her womanhood
    Others can be tolerant
    Others can be good
    I'll cut you up with a crooked knife
    Lord, and I'll miss you when you're gone
    I stood between heaven and earth
    And I crossed the Rubicon

    You won't find any happiness here
    No happiness or joy
    Go back to the gutter, try your luck
    Find you some nice pretty boy
    Tell me how many men I need
    And who can I count upon
    I strapped my belt, I buttoned my coat
    And I crossed the Rubicon

    I feel the holy spirit inside
    See the light that freedom gives
    I believe it's in the reach of
    Every man who lives
    Keep as far away as possible
    It's darkest 'fore the dawn (oh, Lord)
    I turned the key, I broke it off
    And I crossed the Rubicon

    Mornin' baby, I used to look my mind
    I truly believe that you are
    Couldn't be anybody else but you
    Who's come with me this far
    The killing frost is on the ground
    And the autumn leaves are gone
    I lit the torch, I looked to the east
    And I crossed the Rubicon Writer/s: Bob Dylan
    Publisher: AUDIAM, INC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Mr C from IreTypically people are received into the RC on Easter which for a period in early Christianity was 14 April(t.s Eliot - cruelest month). But it is really the embrace of the female in each verse (very Marian) and how the distain for his action 'abondoned all hope' would be perceived. And of course the title Crossing to Rome taken a face value.
    My reading may at least give Dylan fans a giggle.

    It's a wonderful work
  • Mr. C from IreProbably reading too much into the song but if became an RC theologically it wouldn't surprise me.
  • Mary Bishop from Easton MarylandGreat song, so much meaning.
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