Album: The Wonderground (2003)
  • starting at the very bottom
    the nasty pit of despair
    you know how people always tell you
    it's only up from there
    I'm humbled to find myself
    spitting blame and going nowhere
    I'm doing everything to make it new
    I'm on my way up

    I'm climbing, I'm climbing
    I'm climbing
    yeah I'm on my way up
    I'm on my way

    I've seen the vultures circle slowly
    over my head
    I wave my arms and shout
    get out of here
    because I'm not dead-yet
    you will not devour my soul
    or take my house
    you hear what I said
    I'm doing everythig to make it true
    I'm on my way up

    I'm climbing, I'm climbing
    I'm climbing
    yeah I'm on my way up
    on my way

    and it's true
    hope springs eternal
    in the dark heart of a man
    so I take a breath
    and make my way up
    and the world falls away from me Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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